Seeking info on Proto 2000 diesels?

What do you all think of the Proto 2000 series of DCC diesels? I am thinking of buying a DCC with sound Sante Fe E6 A & B unit and wondered if any of you have any experience with the Proto 2000 DCC units? How do they run? Are they reliable? Do they run quiet or noisy? I am using the MRC Prodogy Advance DCC system on my layout.

Thanks in advance for any info,
I've run the ready to run proto 2000 series and I think they are flippin GREAT!!!
Heavy and quiet too! :D
The newer Proto's run fine. You may have to replace the Bulbs depending upon the decoder version you put in it.
Myself as well. Run great and look good. I do find that alot of their handrails and grabirons on factory painted models appear plastic and clear due to the color being molded in though.
Thanks for all the input...

Thanks for all the input :)

I ordered mine today and look forward to seeing and hearing it. :D I paid about $175 for a Sante Fe E6 A&B unit. Only the A unit has DCC and sound but I think I got a good deal. Seems that most DCC with sound cost $250-$350 so I am pleased. I know that I spent a lot more for my BLI Locomotive last year.