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Hey Folks

Since im new here, and still getting to know you folks, I thought I would share some of my scratchbuilds. See for the last couple years (and for a couple more at least) ive been confined to an apartment so ive been tied down to nothing more than my 4X8 layout. My dream is to eventually add on to so I have held off building scenery on it so until it find a permanent home on some benchwork in a house.

So to pass those days while I wait to build my dream layout, ive commited myself to lots of scratchbuilding. That way I will have structures ready to go when that day comes. So I just thought I would share a few with you. Forgive the fuzzy pics of a few...they were taken in desperation with my camera phone.


My early days of learning to scratchbuild. This is a firestation


Gulf Gas Station


A Clocktower (lights up)


Bucks Stove Palace


Kelso Bank (Exterior Lights Work)

There are more, but I have to dig up the pics somewhere. Just thought I would share. Im still learning as you can see!



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The Gulf station is the pick of the lot, nice model and nice photo.

With a screen name of "Play-Doh", a name for a childs toy, it might be hard for some to take you seriously. I'm sure there is a reason behind the name, but no one else would know. Just a thought.

Old 97

I think a lot of nice scenery can be accomplished in a 4x8.
The stove place and gas station get my vote.
Nice work.:)


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Hey I know that Stove place! Looks great!

Really? Are you in the Portalnd OR area? Its in SE portland, just down the road from me. OR, you saw it on the other MRR I was member of.

Yeah, the nick name Play-Doh has been a nick name since high school. Dont ask me why, but its just stuck. You folks can call me TJ, that way you can take me a little more seriously!

And the gulf gas station was a very long project. I modeled it after this one.


Thanks for the kind words folks!

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