Sanding Facility (Updated)


I guess my other post got blown away. Here is an update to my earlier post. This is the sanding facility in my Eugene Engine Terminal. It is modeled after last month's Model Railroader article on page 94. It has been weathered now to make it look a little more worn. I partially scraped the letters off the FRISCO covered hopper and then dry brushed on Polly Scale rust and then oversprayed with Polly Scale tarnished black.

B_Kosanda said:
I guess my other post got blown away.
No, it's over in the section, in the temporary model railroad topic I created until I could get this section up and running. It will be deleted soon, not because there's anything wrong with your thread, but we're going to have all the model railroad stuff posted here instead.
That Walther's Allied Rail Rebuilders kit was the first building kit I ever built, several years ago. It was originally installed on my first layout. Looking at your version reminds me that I want to refinish mine to make it look a little more dated. Now I like to try to stay away from the out-of-the-box look of a standard Walther's kit by making some changes or adding pieces.

Hi Bill,

all my builings are weathered due to I hate the "plastic glance"! I use airbrush colors on water basis and powder colors for some details like rust.
By the way, I've cut the left side of the building since it was to wide for my layout.