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Same Ol' Buzzard
Good Morning All. Another month, time sure is passing much more rapidly than I remember as a youth!:( It's cloudy here and 61°, but at least it's not raining! It is in the forecast for this afternoon until daybreak tomorrow. Then a week of sunshine and every day into the lower 80's except for Tuesday. A "Blue Norther" is supposed to pass by dropping the overnight low to 51°. My grounds haven't come close to drying out yet and mowing/weed-eating is getting far behind. Here is one of my fellow residents staying away from the garden.
IMG_6159 (2).JPG

Brush pile to the right is also waiting for dryer conditions for shredding to continue.
So the broccoli harvest began yesterday.

The targets were the left one and the center one. Right one (and others) need a few more days.
IMG_6152 (2).JPG

Both of these are about 8" across. Needless to say, we had some broccoli for supper last night with my special Chicken Parmesan recipe. There will be a few more ready in the next 2-3 days and these will all be cut, blanched and frozen by midweek. Meanwhile the plants will keep producing smaller heads at each leaf axil.
I had a further conversation with the HP tech that I spoke with Wednesday. He had done some research and he feels that Microsoft was doing an update to Win10 when my power briefly went off, which wiped out my operating system. I don't recall finding anywhere in the Win10 system where I can delay updates until I am ready, but I forgot to ask him while I was on the line.

Hello Flo, how about getting me a BLT with extra bacon this morning. I'll take a pineapple juice instead of OJ this morning.

Thanks for the likes y'all gave yesterday for the various pictures and prose; Karl, Sherrel, Guy, Chad, Rick, Garry, Patrick, Justin, Tom O, George, Gary, Justin, Hughie, James.

I didn't spend much time in the train shed yesterday as I am still fooling with the new setup on the computer. I did however put some time into two projects, albeit simple stuff.
Over in Rycon Township, I added some signs to the motorcycle repair shop, thus giving it a proper name, Westbrook Bros.


I also painted and installed a fence out back between the building and the ditch along the railroad, where there is a rather close clearance.

The fence came from a box of miscellaneous parts that I have collected.
Over at Tommy's house in Vernon, I continued to add ground cover and began installing the front sidewalk.


Just a few small spots left at the end of the drive and next to the gate out front. Both will require custom trimming of fencing parts. The El Camino in primer is just a stand-in for now. It will be replaced by most likely a fully painted pick up truck.

Tom O - Nice to read about others making good retirement decisions like you and George's recent postings. Seems like many other Coffee Shop patrons have also made good retirement plans and decisions over the years as well. My best buddy worked until 71, because at around 58, he realized that his SS wasn't going to pay a whole lot since he worked many years "off the books" and didn't contribute. He was able to finally retire last year when his wife's company was bought in a hostile takeover and her company stock in her retirement plan paid off handsomely.
Good that your wife is good at picking stocks. I feel that I could also do that, but I have done well with mutual funds and picking the right ones at the right time so I leave it at that. I don't really have the time to be fooling with the individual stocks anyway. My most profitable mutual fund, which is no more, was my "sin" fund that invested in tobacco, alcohol, casinos and certain movie makers!
Guy - Sorry to read that your country is so far behind on the vaccine. While I am seeing a lot of negative press about the AstraZeneca vaccine, Jaz got it over across the pond a few months ago and reported no abnormal side effects, yet! It seems that Gary had a different experience though.
The boat is coming along very nicely.
Sherrel -
Helping some Friends of ours packing and loading today ... they are heading for Austin!
Great! More Kalifornians moving to Texas with their lifestyles! :(

Everybody have a great weekend. Stay dry if you're from Texas. I'm headed out to pick more broccoli and spinach before the rain starts here.


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Good morning from Wisconsin where the natives are restless over the diva Packer Qb. I understand him being upset about some things but he hasn’t nor has his agent held a press conference saying he’s pissed off. Until then it’s rumors and he has a very good for HIM contract he needs to live up to or retire.

I had plans today, changed them and now am not sure of anything.




Gomez Addams
Staff member
Good afternoon. It's sunny and 63.
There was an "incident" here this morning.
If anybody wants to know how diet Dr. Pepper tastes after unknowingly filling a glass with it after a mouse had been living in the glass, I can tell you. I can't say I recommend the experience, though.


Whiskey Merchant
Good afternoon. Our friends took off yesterday to head back to Florida. We did enjoy the visit. They were disappointed that Yellowstone Park wasn't opened yet, but we have enough in the area to see. Got caught up on a few chores that were neglected while visitors were here but do have a lot more to catch up on. We did get up into the mid 80's yesterday, but it was only a teaser as 50's and 60's are in the forecast for the next few days. Last night was the last night of the regular bowling league. Next Friday is the roll offs for the league championship.

Terry - Hope there weren't any lumps in that Dr Pepper.

TomO - Great photo.

Willie - Can't get over the photos of your garden. We usually don't plant anything up here for another month. Nice layout photos too. Molly went after our resident rabbit the other day and had it cornered under the car. Had to physically pick her up and carry her into the house so the rabbit could make its get away.

thumbnail_20210429_120728.jpg thumbnail_20210429_120756.jpg

Here are a couple of photos before I get to work.




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Good afternoon from So. Central Wisconsin where it is 80f degrees the winds have picked up and will be gusting now per the Weather Channel at 39-40mph. I grocery shopped aisle by aisle compared to curbside and it definitely is different. I got the daughter’s list and she and the neighbor are coming over to prepare the coolers for tomorrow. Seems a few more adult neighbors are joining us. Does not matter you can only sit in “pods” of 4 and then social distancing, we will all be close though. It should be a good time at the American Family Insurance Park in Milwaukee. That name doesn’t flow as easy as Miller Park did. Let’s see insurance or beer? Now will they change the Brewers to Insurance Salespersons? We must be PC, right?

Sherrel, being bold is fine. Thank you on the pulp yard picture. Plans are meant to be broken anyway!

Garry, thank you too on the picture and industry

Gary, big G racing, Aaron (I am now engaged, bow down further to me) Rodgers. One great QB, question marks on other things, IMOO. Lots of hockey today(15 games on streaming) to fall to sleep while watching. If I watch the Hawks they lose, if not they have been winning. The plan is check into the Hawks while watching the Toronto/Ottawa game and then the Oilers/Flames later. To me , watching and hearing Canadian announcers is so much better USA announcers who are definite homers.

Terry, man you have had quite the year! I would have to stop drinking diet Dr. Pepper if that happeNed to me. Have you tried the sugar free diet Pepper yet? I just got my 1st 6 pack of it this morning.

Chet, thanks and your scenes just make me feel like I am in the middle of it, well done.

Kaliforians moving to Texas. My son says let them come. What worst can happen? More earthquakes!


Individually, I think I have posted all the following pictures but here is the Paper Mill a work in process.
The chipper building on the layout edge along with a very compressed pulp wood yard. In the corner, the deepest section at 28” is the abandoned decomposed granite quarry.

background buildings are, Kraft plant #2, the tall building is the Digestor building, machine building #1 and machine shop. The building with the signage is machine building 2 and 3. One of the chemical tracks with the yellow fall protecti devices.


The wood chip yard, the chip blower building, the chip conveyors and pile. The 2 silo tanks are the vacuum machines to unload wood chips and some day will be changed out to maybe an crane and bucket unloader. In the foreground is the production employee walkway from the parking lots


Bleach and chemical towers, pulp silo tanks, Recovery building, pipe racks, water cooling towers, and a smidgen of the wood chip pile.
The ambulance is just on a test run to the red emergency entry door


Again some of the shipping area and to the right is the production area of the papermill, chemicals, bleach towers, Kraft mill, pulp silo tanks, chemical dryers

The blue and brown buildings will someday be the biomass generating power station for the Papermill. In the foreground is the Transload area and in the background is the shipping are of the papermill
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