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In the thread shown below, a forum member (Randy) wondered why so many threads seem to abruptly stop. His comment is on page three of the link below.

I'd like to offer my comments but I don't want to keep adding to the old thread, especially since my comments don't concern the topic of the old thread.

Randy, sometimes there's a reason why a thread just stops and the topic drops out of site.

In many cases, the topic has been exhausted or an impasse has been reached where no new ideas are being presented. Occassionally, the discussion gets a bit heated and, rather than continue it and risk having the thread locked, posters just quit posting.

Sometimes the thread has reached its logical conclusion, where the original question has been answered to the OP's satisfaction.

Then there are the threads that have gone so far and seem to stop for no reason. Perhaps the original poster, not seeing his original thread topic, starts a new thread (with a different title) and continues where he left off.

I'm not sure, but I think that's what happened with this thread. If memory serves, I've seen construction photos of this layout. Maybe it was a new thread here, maybe it was on another forum (many members belong to multiple forums).

Reading some of those old threads going back a year or more can be fun, but posting a response brings the thread back to the first page. Not everyone wants to re-read old threads unless some new information has been added or the original poster has an update. Even when the OP has an update, he often will create a new thread just for the update rather than dragging up old information.

Have fun reading the old threads, as there is a lot of information in them. If you feel the need to respond, start a new thread with your comments and use links in your post that points to the threads you are referring to. I think other forumites will appreciate your comments without having to re-read the original thread. Those that want to re-read can do so by clicking on the links in your post.

Just a friendly comment to help keep the page one topics fresh. No insult intended!

Darrell, quiet...for now


I'm Blunt..

I'll say since being on many forums for over 10 years, everyone has their own way of posting threads, the way I seem best fit is to resurrect older threads and post replys in them, that way most of information stays in the same spot and you don't have to search 'harder' since several people don't post appropriate thread titles. 'Hey, I need help" doesn't show up in a thread search for a specific topic.

There's many thread tools out there like:

New Posts

Active Topics

There is also the Displaying Options at the bottom right, Sorted By, where you can select Thread Start Time.


Fleeing from Al
I saw the same comment and chose not post to the thread again. The original poster has not responded to the thread in just about a year. Perhaps he had all the information he needed, found another forum, or just put the project on hold for a while. Whatever the case, the thread died because the OP seemed to not want it to continue, not because anyone here was ignoring him.


I'm sorry. I always thought that proper forum etiquette wan not to "balloon" the forum with new topics on old info. Please forgive me, but allow me to say that I should've been more specific. I wasn't really referring to the "How do I wire a turnout?" type threads, more the "layout construction progress" threads. I read several last night that were going along swimmingly and then, for no apparent reason, just died. Making it seem as though construction died with it. Kind of like watching an action packed movie right up until the dvd player quits. I meant the comment as a generalized, blanket statement, not as disrespectful to the author / builder. I'm sure the topic will move off the page fairly quickly if no one replies. If they do begin to reply, however, isn't that new information from there on out that may spark some interest in the "newcomers", making it worth a read? Tons of people had 1969 camaros in 1969. Drive one to the local mall today... I doubt the reaction would be, "Aw man. I've seen plenty of those. You shoulda left that thing in the garage."
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i read you post on the thread in question. at that time question seemed rather rhetorical, and more of an invitation for the OP to post more of the progress actually(since even if he left forum he might be checking his email and see the reply notification). answer to that question is of "duuuhhh" type - threads die since no one keeps posting in them :)

in any case i don't think you did anything to apologize for.


Anton, I know HOW they die. :) What I meant by die, is how the author puts forth just this wealth of info, photos, and everything. Progress is very visible, and then, the OP stops adding info, leaving the masses wondering what happened. Natural disaster, lack of funding, death in the family, who knows. I guess it's just that human nature is to seek "closure". :)


I apologize, Randy. I didn't intent this thread to reflect poorly on anyone, I wanted only to comment on resurrecting old threads.

You have nothing to apologize for!

And, as others have said, sometimes it's worthwhile to resurrect an old thread, either for adding new information or making requests to the original poster.

I'm pretty sure there are no hard and fast rules for this. I feel that it's more courteous to start a new thread to request more information. Put in a link to the thread you're referring to so others can look at it if they want.

But maybe my way clogs up the forum with more threads! LOL Just consider this my opinion and your mileage may vary! I haven't received my "kingly" crown yet, so nobody has to live by MY rules! ROFL!

Darrell, quiet...for now

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