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I thought, since I was cleaning my closets up some, while searching for stuff that I was going to get rid of, I'd scan some stuff in and show ya.

The first two are clippings from the local newspaper, in Houghton/Hancock, MI. It was rare to get anything RR related so I saved what I got. One describes how a UP Steam Loco was refurbished by a St Louis area musuem, the 2nd talks about moving Iron Ore from the Marquette Range, south to Escanaba MI.
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Then we have a small section of the replica poster:
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And lastly, an AAR publication from the Bicentennial:
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You're welcome. I have more, but I gave up for the night, because I have to change a few settings on the sacnner to get the full image.

Hey Josh this picture was in our paper a few years back It was the last time they had the bridge raised. this bridge is located on a canal whicdivides my city with its sister city. The bridge is the main line thru our city for the AMTRAC and frieght Trains It hasn't been raised since that time since we don't get any big ships through our canal anymore !!!!