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Ok, I found the CD!

Frazee Paint, receives Titanium Dixoide by rail:
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Extra cars, stored next to a warehouse:
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Crest Beverage (alcholic beverage company) receives by rail, they spot six 62' insulated "beer cars" here. The previous picture was the extra's from here. Sometimes they spot a 50' car or two to the right, filled with lumber of some sort. As for Crest, the cars are spotted uncoupled, with the door lining up.
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NWR #200

Irish Expatriate
Well First off, I have Ft. Lewis, WA. Here, solid trains of military equipment (Humvees, tanks, trucks, and a plethora of support vehicles) are loaded on to DODX flats and shipped around the country, as well as ports of embarkation.

The Army uses a green goat painted bright red with yellow lettering.

47° 4'37.86"N 122°35'37.37"W

Notice the ramps.


And now for my favorite industry: Lumber.


This is the Simpson Lumber Co. Mill in Shelton, WA. It features its own RR to switch out outbound lumber loads, as well as bring in logs and rough cut lumber from a sort yard about 10 miles West of town. They ship chips by barge to a pulp mill elsewhere on Puget Sound (probably Tacoma.) The mill's interchange is served by the Puget Sound & Pacific RR, a Rail America company.

http://www.railpictures.net/showphotos.php?railroad=Simpson Timber


Running the MC & Buffalo

I found one more shot of the Youngstown Cold Storage Unit OLDGETTYSk
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Steve B

I was driving around in a truck from work today and i snapped a few pics en route, there was nowhere to stop so they are out of the window shots,,, not brilliant but the only option

This is a ballast hopper loading facillity on the North Wales coast line, stone comes down from the quarry into hoppers then it's fed onto a conveyor into the chute

This is the chute with a great big piece of scrap conveyor rubber to stop anything going astray

Moving down the coast is another area for loading up ships with stone, the conveyor system rolls back and forth so the hold is loaded evenley

and this is the conveyor from the quarry which is out of site


this is another shot of another conveyor

and on the way back we passed this nuclear power station, access to this place is very hard so you will have to make do with this shot

A chemical facillity in St Helens



One day i'll go and take some better shot's when i get more time


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local industrys as viewed from local.live.com

local industrys as viewed from local.live.com

this is a glass plant where they make bottels and recycle glass. the lead is to the north leading south into the plant.

I am not sure exactly what this is but it is a metal plant of some sort.

and here is the rycycling center as it says right on the roof.

NWR #200

Irish Expatriate
Steve, you are driving on the wrong side of the road. :D

Thats looks like quite the impressive chemical facility.

Steve B

Seth no wonder there are so many accidents,;)

I like the shot of the re-cycling center, you could do that with a Pikestuff kit or two


Running the MC & Buffalo
Great Shots Steve you know nowadays if you drive around the USA. and take shots of active plants their liable to arrest you for being a terrorist . Isn't it s state of affairs when you can't take friendly pictures anymore

Steve B

Paul your right about that,,, i came back past the port of Liverpool and right by the fence was an intermodal being loaded but if i'd stopped the police would jump on you instantly, hence no pics of it

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