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You select each sound file and download one at a time. These are the files that were downloaded from the ring site to the controller.

Then the pic and lighting files.


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Once you have everything loaded you can customize each loco.
You start at the loco main screen and push the tools button.

In the locos setup you have a few screens:

In the advanced section you can change the motor info:
The system has a procedure where it determines the loco max motor current you follow the instructions which only takes about a minute.





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The button setup page is pretty neat.
Here you configure the controls of each loco for operation.
You can also assign any type of lighting effect to any of the 6 wired function outputs of the decoder. You can also select the different sounds to shut them on and off.
Note the function outputs you select even have the color of wire used on the harness in case you forgot which each light was hooked up to.



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Another button you can select in the loco main screen is for decoder information.
Here you can get some useful info to be used for troubleshooting. This would have been handy when I had an MTH motor drawing too much current and overheating a tsunami decoder.

That's all the screen shots for now:



hamltnblue - Good set of pictures. I'm not sure of the exact specs of the onboard storage of the HC-2, but I do know that it is twice the size of the HC-1. I have nearly all the current available sounds and lighting effects on my HC-1, and finally ran out of space to add the newest prime mover file, the Alco 539T. That may put it in perspective some. So yes, there is a limit to how much you can store on the controller, but with the HC-2 you will easily be able hold everything that you need. That being said, as the sound library continues to grow it will probably get to the point that even the HC-2 can't hold all the files at once. That's a good thing IMO, as it means that there will be many more available sounds when it gets to that point.

Transferring files to the locomotive modules is time consuming, at least with the prime movers. Loading smaller files like lighting, pictures, and smaller sounds goes quickly for me. Usually a few seconds. The prime mover transfer takes closer to 10 minutes though. I will usually start the transfer, set the controller down and then work on another project while it transfers.

Regarding the sound levels, components of individual sounds cannot be adjusted at this point (i.e. you can't adjust the turbo whine of a prime mover, or adjust the pitch of a bell), but sound levels can be adjusted for individual sounds (i.e. you can change the volume of the bell, the horn, couplers, etc as each of these are their own distinct sound files). Individual sound file levels can be set and adjusted in the Button Setup menu. You can set each button to whatever you want it to be. I have changed buttons around on my locos so that it is easier for me to reach want while using one hand and not looking at the throttle.

I'm a huge fan of the real time locomotive information. It's great to see exactly how much current the locomotives are drawing. You can watch it go up and down depending on the grade of the track....going downhill, the locos will draw less power while maintaining the same speed, going uphill they will draw more. The track voltage came in handy when I used to run at a club. It helped us diagnose where additional feeders were needed, or where the trackwork needed some attention.



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The Graphic interface does make it more interesting. Kind of reminds me of the days when DOS started taking a back seat to windows 3.1. We're not at that point yet but maybe this product will help getting things moving, even if it means a GUI for DCC.
The second loco is about half done with the install. I'll get to play with the MU feature at that point but it looks pretty simple.

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