Railfanning the Confederation Test Run

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Tuesday was the first test run of the Canadian Confederation train. The train consists of 2 FP9A's (1867 and 1967) and steam generator, baggage car, two 'sleepers' and 6 display cars.

I had to head out early to catch the train as it exited Harron Tunnel on approach to F-Tower and the Windsor Sub. I got lucky as CN 2-8-2 3519 was held short of F-Tower making a nice shot of the two trains.

Next I headed up the highway to the WMRC Station at Rolling Hills to shot the train comming through the rock cuts. The tracks swing out around the station making for nice shots.

Now I've got to move quick to get down to the Loon Lake water shed for some more shots...


I hardly have time to get setup before I see the 1867 rounding the bend. The water is calm today, so I can get some reflections.

Its hard to believe, but I think that family is more interested in the ducks at the foot of the hydro tower than of the train!

The train will be stopping at the station in Jackson a few hours of tours, so I've got lots of time to get down there...


I have to drive to the west end of Jackson to find a grade crossing that is not blocked by the train its so long. I do get a nice shot of the Jackson Station sign with the engines though, so the extra drive is worth it.

I head in to the station to tour the train and take some shots from the platform but I head out early so I can shoot the train leaving the station too.

I guess I'll head down the road and try for a few more shots before dark...


I remember there's a little farm just west of Jackson, so I head that way, not sure if I'll make it though.

I hear a horn blast as I get out of the car a run up a small hill to grab this shot as the train races by. (the second shot is from a MUCH BIGGER hill ;) )

I get on the highway and head west for one more shot of the train as it races past the docks at Oak. Its getting late and I've got to turn around a head home now. I try for some more shots another day.

PS: The test run of the train went well, I still have some bugs to work out like coupler problems and the truck details interferring with the frame, but it ran better than I expected for its first time.


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Dang Frank, thats awesome! Thanks for posting, and inspiring me to do even more work. I think I need to join a club to run my trains & get some shots like that.

I see you got Sergents too!


I see you got Sergents too!

I only put Sergents on the front and rear of the train for looks. They look great but using them is a pain, especially on passenger cars with diaframs. You can't get the magnet in to uncouple them.


Diesel Detail Freak
I only put Sergents on the front and rear of the train for looks. They look great but using them is a pain, especially on passenger cars with diaframs. You can't get the magnet in to uncouple them.
Ah yeah, hadn't thought of that, I have no passenger cars with sergents yet, though I'll have mostly Superliners & Bombardier cars.


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Hi Fred, an excellent presentation. That's an impressive looking Confederation train (drool
) a lot of work and a well done project that you can be proud of.

Cheers Willis


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Very, Very Nice Fred!! The train looks incredible. I understand the amount of time and effort that went into your project. I'm sure it's the 'talk' of the club. Atta-Boy!!



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Great job Fred, I still drool over those F units! Also enjoyed the "railfans perspective" on the photo essay, that's what I eventually want to do with mine - if I can ever get my trains running flawlessly <LOL>.

I agree about the Sargents, they're mighty lood-lookin' but they don't seem very easy to operate...


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FABULOUS Simply Awesome!!

YOu should submit this to Canadian Railway Modeller or others.

Thanks for sharing this great project of yours. My hat's off to you.

:) :)


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Well lets say the train ran great Fred. Its always good to see these type of things running on the layout. For all of you guys, check out my web page and see more of his models and other models from our Club, and other things from our Model Railroad club. But these are just my pictures, and were still working on our main club web page. Thanks



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Nicely done. Realy like your layout

I also like this picture alot...


Where did you get this one? Isn't this the OC Transpo commuter?


Ian, check your PM's. Thx

grove den

naturally natural trees
transpo commuter

very nice pictures everyone, most of them are made in summer I guess...such a fine weather and clear sky!!!

Josh: You mean the transpo commuter?... well it could be a BRAWA product of the diesel Talent: the "Baureihe 643.2"
Fleischmann , I think, make this one too....
add a picture, it's made in my neighbourhood...


edit: I checked it out: Fleischmann doesn't..it's a "Lint"
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