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1. How old are you?
2. What scale model trains do you buy?
3. How much would you spend on a high-quality flat packed model building for you model train set?
4. What time period is your model train set in?
5. What type of model building would you be interested in buying?
6. What are your requirements when buying a flat packed model of a building?


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Unfortunately you are asking the sort of questions that every hobby manufacturer would like to know the answers to, but the answers are as varied as modellers themselves. If a building is interesting enough, has design elments that make it appealing to the eye, or is based on a real building, there will be those that will want it.

Most kits if you have a look at them are based on a real (prototypical) example because the vast majority of us build layouts and scenery around locations that are familiar to us but then, just as many don't.

If sounds like your project assignment is to do with market research and you have chosen this hobby because it is a "niche" market. It is, but it's a "niche" with an incaculable number of "sub niches", and as many "nichers'' to match.

It is what makes it "The worlds greatest hobby"


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I reposted my questionnaire because I had to redo some questions

OK, to me it sounds like you don't really have a great interest in model trains per se (I could be wrong) and as I said before, this is more of a marketing excercise. Some would point out that the purpose of this forum is not to engage in such an excercise (and rightly so), but for your benefit 'cause I don't like to discourage a potential hobby convert by telling you to **** off, I'll suggest this to you.

In your previous thread you mentioned a model of a church, how about producing some drawings or take some photos of various churches and asking us our opinions on whether we would buy a model of one or two.

Don't worry about scale or price or age or which part of the world we live in, or whatever, because that's immaterial.

This is what a real modelmaking company would do, produce a prototype or sample, then judge it's sales potential. You might as well ask us "What is the meaning of life?" Ah, maybe not, because we'd all answer "model railroading"

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