QHS 1100 Tour sign up!

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Diesel Detail Freak
So, my first boxcar to be painted and numbered for Q&HS (my dad's fictional railroad) is on the way, its a 50' Genesis Seico boxcar. Scale is HO.

If anyone would like to join in on the interchange please reply here. I'm figuring it'll spend 2 weeks on each railroad I send it to. The only cost involved is mailing it back, or on to the next person. Transfer will start July 15-August 1st, some where in that range.

For you painters, and weathering buffs, you MAY add some minor graffiti, or dust/dirt. Car will be routed home for repairs.

This is being posted to 3 forums, so there may be a delay in processing host requests. If #1100 gets to backed up, I've also got #1101 coming at the same time.
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COOL! I may be interested if you mail it to me at least TWO WEEKS before Aug1st. Otherwise it could be months for me otherwise. I'm in, but fast!


Lazy Daydreamer
Count me in too, Josh!

Hopefully my family (including me, of course) won't be on one of our mini-vacations when the car arrives. If its arrival can be timed for sometime after the middle of July, all the vacation trips will be over by then.


Central Phoenix Railroad
I'd like to join in on the interchange, however, my benchwork needs to go up first, and I need to get some track laid. I might as well start a new thread about the layout.


Diesel Detail Freak
July 30th would be 2 weeks, from a start ship date of July 16th. We'll see how it works out, I have to wait for the cars to arrive from eBay first. I have the paint & decals ready.


Diesel Detail Freak
Sweet, we're up to 3 now, its worth while now!

I'll get your contact info later on this month once the car arrives.


Diesel Detail Freak
Miles, Ken & Keith, if you want to PM me your address, #1100 will be ready to go in a few days.

Do you guys want to send it on to the next person, or back to me? Lemme know.


Diesel Detail Freak
Ok guys, PM's sent, current order is set at:
MilesWestern: July 16th - July 30th
CSX_road_slug: July 31st - August 13th
krazyloader: August 14th - August 27th
Smoke (unconfirmed yet): August 28th - Sept 10th

Now obviously the car will not take a day to get from person to person. Still unsure if everyone is ok with it going direct, not middle-manning through me.

Please return to home road for repairs! If repairs are serious, then #1101 will be sent out. I hope to have the car for #1102 soon, so I can start a 2nd tour.

One note, the car is black lettering on Tuscan, so it is a bit dark, I plan to patch it later in its life. #1101 will be Gray with black lettering, as the rr plays with car colors.


Diesel Detail Freak
The tour begins! The car is on its way to Miles right now (well its in a box in the post office).

You can see the black lettering better here, then in person, I think thats an effect of the lighting. I really don't like the thickness of the Testors decal paper either, it did not want to sit down well.


Diesel Detail Freak
Miles has the car, it went same day, on the 16th, pictures should be coming soon! Monday is the ship date to send her off to Ken.
Hey Josh, Id love to participate in this as well, but itll be a couple months before my layout is ready for any kinda photograph sessions.. put me on the list, just at the bottom

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