Putting it all together ... The Car Wreck!

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Call came into the Village of Defar Police Dispatch at 15:50 for an accident at the bridge over the Kickapoo River.

Units set to arrive on scene from the James St. Station -

Defar Engine 12
Defar Rescue 1
Defar Medic 1

Dispatched out at 15:18

That is the job - this is the result --


Okay, here we brought all the previous posts together on one page. Showing how I solved all the problems.

First, this is a working test shot, so it is not complete, work need to be done a things like the bases and some others.

The hose ended up being a piece of 20 gauge wire with the wire gone. I cut a hunk of it, pulled out the wire and then used to for the hose. how does that look?

A few other notes - the rescue unit is still in "CD" civil defense dressage. A lot of these units were given to the rural fire departments in the early 60's to bolster their fleets and provide more equipment on the scene. A lot were left in their original paint until retired. (my thanks to Chief Johnson Sussex Fire)

Some fire departments ended up having to run an ambulance service if there was no funeral home or hospital nearby to provide this service. Here we see a typical early 60's ambulance service being provided by the Village of Defar.

Note the car wreck - there is steam and smoke coming out from under the bent up hood. It is on fire and the guys have to put it out first before they can go to work with the come alongs and high jacks to get the person out of the car.

Your thoughts?

More coming as I get it done --

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Looks like the driver (and the canoeists) are lucky he didn't take a dive into the river:eek:

If this scene is going to become a fixture, would warming the hose cause it to lay along the road surface, maybe?


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Toot -- All fire scenes are transitory. That is they will come and go. Which is why I don't want to anchor the firemen to the pike. That said, the hose is a bit stiff. which is one of the things I need to work on. Second, there should be a second fireman behind holding the hose for the back pressure of the thing. Trust me, after watching about a hundred fire videos most of the time there are two on the knob.

After the emergency, and I get tired of it cluttering up the pike, it goes back into the "fire service box" with all the extra stuff and firemen, crashed cars, extra apparatus, hoses, and eventually the water streams. Ready for the next fire - the engines and ladder companies go back to staging at the firehouse for display.

Wait until I get the two apartments on fire ready to go. Building one is jst about ready to make it appearance down near the Wilton Fire Station. Bui9lding two goes on the end of the buildings up on the Village Square. Those will stay on the pike as they will have the first floor lit like all the others and the second and third floors will be the "fire" -- flashing orange and red light, and Suthe smoke and all ...

Watch for it in the next two weeks as I get time around here. Schools have been keeping me busy with other lock work, so I haven't had all day to screw around with this project.

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Re: " ... it goes back into the "fire service box" with all the extra stuff and firemen ..."

I'm going to use back into the fire service box when I terminate a command and report my department back at the station.

Gary B

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I like it Aerojet. My solution for transitory scenes is mount them on a base to match the road work then place or remove as desired. I have a Christmas parade that I'm working on that should work like that.


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Thanks for the comebacks! Just to show how things change on the pike, here is a modern version of the opening scene --


Told ya I moving things around. Note the new ambo -- and everything else which changed.

Apartment on fire is next ...

Watch for it!

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That really doesn't surprise me. That there would be a hearse with the same body style as the ambo. Normally in the past, the funreal homes would also run the ambulance service. Much like Seymour did back in the day -- I worked on the ambo crew for 10 years. I also did funeral removals for Hartley. Our ambo was a 66 white Caddy, a MM body, and the hearse was a Lincoln also a MM body, but in black. Drove both for ages, picked up and transferred people to and from places -- and in the end -- to their final resting place. IT is an interesting business, although getting called at 3AM for a removal is not fun dragging your butt up to the shop to work at that hour.

Seymour's Funeral Home was on the SW corner of 76th and Becher St. Our shop was on the NE corner of the same location and I was living in West Milwaukee at the time -- long time before we moved out here to Waukesha, which is when I had to quit working for Hartley..

Just some of my back story.


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