"put layout name here" my restart in H0 Scale


at the moment iam thinking about upping the baseplate of the whole shelf. that means, at the moment the tracks are 4cm (sry iam European) above ground lvl. thats as high as a XPS Foam bord. iam thinking about of doubling the height. why? I want to build a river front where the train is running next to the river like in a small canyon, so i think 4cm is not enough that it looks like a proper river run. and atm i did not have fixed down anything so if not not then never.

but i will have to wait till my talles building arrives, otherwise i have not enought room that it looks good overall. damn those are problems haha.
what do you think? will 4cm still work to create a nice look, or should i double that it looks even better with a "step" rundown from the tracks to the river/water?

yesterday i got my loading dock from walthers so i had to check out how big it really is. then i was thinking about the following "problem".
If i put the track on a roadbed, the cars are to high for the loading dock, that means i have to also lift all the buildings near the track -.-

IMG_7426.JPG IMG_7429.JPG

Well i guess i will have to..
i also started to get another try on all the turnouts and starting to laying the "final" curve with flextrack. i have to say, flextrack is nice, but its a whole lot of work to get it right and that it fits everything. well i think you just need time and patience..


i also had a visit from the weight instructor. she was not impressed about the work. the spiders where more interesting i guess :D


cheers and cya next time!

A lot of times (and you can see that on some stations) the sidings are set lower than the corresponding main tracks. You can put main tracks on the cork and sidings directly on the wood. The siding would be sort off running down from the switch.
A lot of times (and you can see that on some stations) the sidings are set lower than the corresponding main tracks. You can put main tracks on the cork and sidings directly on the wood. The siding would be sort off running down from the switch.
oh thats a clever idea! will definitly try this! thank you!

hey all

on this long weekend i found some time to work on stuff on my layout. On saturday i got a mailcall! Other Valley Railroad sent me my ordered GP9RM + Slug! Damn this Loco looks nice, and the details are just great. i did color the chains on the loco and slug, because of some nice shots that MikeH0 sent me.

IMG_7481.jpg IMG_7495.JPG

On sunday i also started with the build of my first Walthers H0 Kit. The Loading Dock.


The loading dock will find its place in Section D. Section D also got its update. The tracks are all laid down and the wires went trought to the downside of the layout. now i have to solder all the cables and the frogs of the turnouts. i also have to add all the motors to the (4) turnouts. then put everything on the bus wire and ffire it up and do some testruns, before fixing all the tracks to the baseboard and start ballasting.

great times ahead!

Howdi folks

Yesterday i did some structure work for my loading dock.

She was watching me the whole time :D

the goal was, to get e yellow building, but not perfectly colored. i think it turned out nice.

IMG_7524.JPG IMG_7525.JPG

still learning the airbrush technics but iam getting there. I used Vallejo Colors and thined it a bit.
Now the weathering part will start for the building, and the Plattform.

I also got my foamcutter in the mail yesterday, so now everything is here to build the landscape. also another tortoise switch motor was delivered, now i have all 4 for sectionD! Next up, wireing up everything, put the bus wire in place and start doing some testruns!

meowing is also high on her list haha. but as long as there are spiders, shes more into those then into my plywood desert :D
What up folks

past weekend i had a little time to go down in the basement and work on my H0 project.
First i was starting with weathering my walthers kit "loading Dock"

the doors came out pretty nice i think:


the building itself turned out also okay i think, not really happy. have to figure out how those dry pigments work. but overall iam happy for my first try, still two sides to go.

sunday_001.jpg sunday002.jpg

Also on the picture above, i will add a graffiti to the wall.

her majesty was also around, but most of the time chilling and watching my girlfriend working in the garden.


then it was time to solder again. it went really well and now all the frogs in section D are soldered and rdy. so i installed my first to tortoise motors, two left.

sunday006.jpg sunday007.jpg

so if i installed the remaing two motors, i will add all the wires to my decoderwerk decoder and from there to my Z21 DCC Station. the tracklayout on Section D is so far finished. and if the testing went well i will fix the tracks permanently.

Overview of Section D

thnx for reading.
here we go with another update of my layout.
last sunday was hangover day :D

but i managed to get to the workshop and continue building.

all the turnout motors are in place now. now i have to wire everything up, and connect to the decoder.


of course the cat was also around. she chooses to check out the Walthers Box.


then i also worked on the loading dock. i added a second layer of yellow. this time with more white and less yellow. added also some details.
i think now it looks way better.

layout_004.jpg layout_005.jpg layout_007.jpg

then i realized that the building has also some lights on top of it. so i started another challenge for me. adding SMDs! Never worked with stuff like this before, so it will be fun to wire them up. there will be 4 lights, on each corner will sit one.


well thats it maybe for this week.

well here iam back again with another update.

i finished my first building! my first walthers h0 kit is done, and i have to say i really like it. i also added some lights to it and in my eyes it came out pretty nice.


after some testing, i wired up the building and finishd the build.
here are some shots with or without lights:

juni_006.jpg juni_007.jpg

juni_008.jpg juni_005.jpg

so whats next? i started my first freightcar weathering project, i wired up the whole section D (Industrie part) so that means i should now take out my Z21 Station and power up the layout. so i can see if my turnout motors are doing what i want and run some trains over the small section (first time ever).