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Been Nothin' Since Frisco
In this post, David Thurman's response to the SPSF thread, David asked where Zephyr got his map. Right away I remembered that I had drawn a system map for the PFM-SIG, so I clicked my way over to the web page I put together for the map. Apparently, Geocities makes your pages dormant if you don't log in for awhile, because I couldn't get my page to come up. Well, it finally came up, so here's the link:


The way the map works is, the large map comes up and it is grouped into "tiles." Click on the tile you're interested in and it will come up larger. On each tile is the existing railroad lines I could find at the time I drew the map which are drawn in gray. PFM-SIG members who submitted their maps had them added in color. Some of these lines are duplicating existing railroad lines while others are totally freelanced. I never got to the point where I labeled the individual lines. After updating the map a few times and redoing the uploading, I realized it was taking *way* too much of my modeling time so I left it where it is. It is a good high-resolution starting point for anyone to draw their own maps, so I present it once again for anyone to use.

And I'll try to remember to log in periodically so it doesn't go dormant again...



Thanks Ryan, this will be a great starting point for "cleaner" map. Scanning a state highway map was a losing effort :)

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