Proto 87 Stores Turnouts - Anybody Use Them?


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I posted this on the MR forum a couple of days ago, and haven't gotten any meaningful responses yet. Just thought I'd give it a try here:

I was trying to weigh my options between ordering the Fast Tracks stuff and making my own turnouts, and getting commercial ones. Because of the small number of turnouts I'd need right now, I couldn't justify the expense of the Fast Tracks stuff when I could get a better-detailed commercial turnout for the same cost per unit. I had considered CV turnout kits, but stumbled upon these as well: KITS

These are some handsome-looking turnouts. They cost about the same as a CV kit, plus they come with the rail. I was thinking about getting a few of the standard HO code 83 kits. Just wondering if anybody out there has used this brand before and has any comments on the quality/reliability of them.

Also, other than the special cast-metal points, what is the difference between the "craftsman" and "ready to assemble" kits? Of course, I could just call or e-mail the company, but I just thought I'd ask you all first.
Those ARE the CV kits. Craftsman comes with near scale switch rods, and all the add on details like Nut-bolt-washer detail, plates, ect.
The CV switches will work fine with standard HO. Just make sure you get the correct frog and points.

Andy Reichert, who runs the stores, is very helpful. Let him know what you want to do and he'll make sure you get the correct parts.
Proto87 Stores also stocks the necessary equipment to make the CV kits, in normal HO standards.
Thanks for the responses, guys. I do know there's a difference between Proto 87 and regular HO. I was looking at the HO kits.

I didn't realize they were the CV kits, though.

I think I might get two or three and try them out sometime later this summer. Got a lot of other stuff on "the list" to take care of first, though. If and when I do get them, I'll report back on how they turned out (pun intended :D ).
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