Proto 2K GP60s

UP Wings

It's All About the Wings
I am looking for opinions about the Proto 2000 GP60s. I saw three of these running on a layout at the train show in San Antionio this weekend and at first impression, I am impressed. Does anyone know how well one of these would run with Athearn blue box geeps? Thanks. :)
If they are anything like the Proto 2k GP20s, they are excellent. They will not run well with non-DCC athearn however, at least from my experience.
The majority of my fleet is Athearn blue box so I was just wondering if a Proto 2K would fight the other blue boxes alot. Yes, they are non DCC. I guess two Proto 2000 GP60 would look just as good as one. Thanks Ken. :)
I was surprised tonight at the railroad club. We had an Athearn ready to run, P2k and an Atlas running together on DC.