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I have a Broadway Limited Blueline GE C30-7. I had to reset the decoder to default because the locomotive stopped responding. When I did this the loco worked fine with address 03. When I tried to change the address to 4 number address the loco would work with the new address but the light no longer worked. When I program the address back to 03 the lights work again. I have a Digitrax Zephyr I used to program the locomotive and think this could be an issue. I recall the Broadway Limited may have needed the PR3 to program their decoder.

I did try to program the decoder on the program track with PAGE and also on the mainline with OPS. I also tried to program the new address with CV29 and not just the long address option on the Zephyr.

I'm sure I'm missing something or I tried something else but don't recall now.

Anyone have any thoughts on this or questions to help clear this up.

Thank you.


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Being a Blueline version, it would originally only had a decoder that was DC capable, but with sound. One of the oddities that occurred with that brand due to legal restraints. For it to work on a DCC system it had to have a motor control decoder piggy backed onto the BLI one. They both have to be programmed to the same long address to work. It sounds like, by having reset to default, you may have upset that relationship. Terry (bnsf971) might be able to advise you, PM him if he doesn't show up on your thread.

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Did you try programming it to another address to see if it worked properly.
You might also consider the speed step setting. Typically, these should be set to 28/128. Other steps will produce conditions that you are experiencing.


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Because you have two decoders being programmed at the same time, they probably need more power to be programmed than your system can supply.
You can reset them both, cv8-8 for the Blueline, and whatever the motor decoder's reset is.
Now that both of them are at address 3 again, you will need to program on the main, in ops mode. Here is a link to change the address of both decoders on the main, using the cv29-cv17-cv18 method:


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Thanks folks!

I did forget there are 2 decoders in that locomotive. I used JMRI and the PR3 to program this before. I will need to get that set up to get a real good look into this locomotive and get it set correctly.


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