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I used boxes from Axian Technologies. I haven’t looked into them for a while, for obvious reasons, but they were very good.

I just checked Hiawatha Hobbies for storage boxes and they have innstock the carry all canvas bags. Not storage boxes online so went straight to

nice stuff.



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I did not see that anyone noticed or mentioned the U-Line link that I posted --- maybe no one cared?
They make just about every size box you can think of.
Quantity/prices is much better than purchasing in ones and twozzes?


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Rico, Speaking from memory, only, I don't think a Pizza Box will work for HO rolling stock. The last time I brought a Pizza home the box was maybe only 1 inch in height. Am I wrong?
I measured one in our recycling, it’s just over 1-1/2”, I think it might depend on the shop?
Canadian pizzas must be thicker ‘cause of the pineapple! 😋


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Sherrel, I did read but I have a few personal biases against that family owned business. I have a sister-in-law who is high up on the management tree there and loves it. They are a former client of mine and all I will say is, I fired them. That is why I hadn’t responded and I apologize for that mistake.

Politics and my biases aside, the cartons they sell are top notch and very likely after some measurements you would find they have stock boxes that will fit. They do sell to individuals and pricing has always been competitive. Also, if you are ever looking for rubber floor tiles for the train room don’t look anywhere else, super.



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While shopping at Costco we picked up a 'Party Pack' box of eight Boboli pre-made mini pizza crusts to have with the grandkids.
The box measured 17" x 8" x 3" and holds my SIL & grandson's trains not in use. I will need to get some foam next.


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If you're me (cheap/frugal and can't wait for fancy boxes), get ahold of copy paper boxes. I followed a tip from my cousin on this.

I take paper boxes, cut them down and make my own cases. There's a basic formula here.
3" depth = Can fit 12 cars at most
4" depth = Can fit 24 cars at most.
6" depth = I have three layers of 85" boxcars, autoracks, Vert-A-Pacs and miscellaneous boxcars.
(Numbers subject to change depending on flatcars, tank cars, gons etc.)
I use sheets of bubble wrap or thin foam to keep everything safe. Worth noting here that I do not transport my super-expensive stuff this way.

I've been meaning to do a YouTube video about making these. I went "full nerd" and have assigned specific freight trains to specific, tailored cases, so my biggest case always holds my Automotive stuff. My two other larger cases hold 24 cars each which are appropriate for transcontinental manifests. One case is nothing but 24 grain hoppers, and four small ones are 12 cars of anything goes.

All said and done my case craze allows me to keep a mobile collection of cars which are safely stored and can be deployed quickly and in large numbers, all while running a different mixup of freight cars each time. These are also small enough to fit into many different styles of plastic tote, and with my totes I can get 4 single-layer cases at a time. My cousin will fit six boxes, without lids, into a larger plastic tote and haul entire trains around like this.

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