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Michael J

New model railroader
Could someone identify what this type of plug is called? We are looking for something like this for our cllub's modular layout. Thank you.



Not sure what brand they are, they look like typical commercial/industrial duty 15 or maybe 20Amp connectors. do they twist lock together?

I would think a visit to any local big box home reno store would give you some options.


Wayne B
Those ar Cinch Plugs a former division of TRW, probably part # S-302-CCT-K. We use them in our Free-Mo modules. We find ours on E-Bay or at surplus electronic places. Can't see the balde configuration so make sure you know which you are looking for. Usualy about $3.00 to $4.00 a pair, (male/female). Good luck.

Michael J

New model railroader
OK, I found them. Thanks all. They are Cinch 302H-CCT plugs. ... Another club was using them for their modular display, and some members of our club thought they were worth looking into. Whether we actually use them is to be determined. Thanks again everyone.


Active Member
Back in my modular days they were called "Jones" plugs. The round ones are 2 pin & square ones are 4 pin.

Michael J

New model railroader
@LoudMusic: They did not look so cumbersome when seen in person. Maybe the extreme close-up photo makes them seem so.


"retired" conductor
We used them (Jones Plugs, Cinch Connectors) when I was in a modular group. We had 4 track circuits (East and west main, and optional sidings) and color keyed the connectors. Yes, the may look a little "dated" BUT they are darn near indestructible, If a wire gets pulled loose (hard to do if assembled properly) they are repairable. Some of the groups modules are 15 years old, with no failures of the plugs themselves. There were a few "soldering or assembly errors", but the plugs were great. One set of plugs even got run over by a truck, the plugs were fine. We tried 5 pin music plugs, Molex connectors, even tandem trailer plugs. Not tough enough!

Digikey and Mouser sell them in bulk,,, there will be your best price.;)

Michael J

New model railroader
Thanks for the info. I will report back to the club at next week's meeting. We are figuring the club can buy them and get a quantity discount, then re-sell them back to members at cost, rather than each member buying his or her own.

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