Plans for OO9 Layout Based On the Ffestiniog & Welsh Highland Railways :D.

NGG16 Garrat

Let's Ride The Rails
Hi, my name is Nick, but you can call me NGG16 Garrat. I'm making a nice little OO9 Welsh-Based Narrow Gauge Layout called the By-ghlon Churchill Railway :). I'm gonna have 17 different coaches, Welsh Highland Railway Beyer-Peacock Class NG/G-16 Garrat Locomotive No. 87 *Builder Number* a bunch of scenic areas, stations, halts, & a port. The track I'm using is PECO OO9 Track with both nickel silver & insulated plastic rail joiners plus the usual railway tie nails, the train table for this will be quite sized, but I hope to upload some pictures for you guys to see it :). My room will be where it is once everything is done :).
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Hi NGG16 Garrat,

Sounds like you have detailed plans and ideas for your railroad. I wish you well.

I look forward to the pictures.

Welcome to the forum!

Thanks, also I'm actually getting the Garratt No. 138 made, actually I can't make up my mind. I might just end up making no. 87 but then again, no. 138 is in a nice livery but so is no. 87 :L. *Edit* NVM I'ma have No. 138 made :). I'll have to solder the coaches & locomotive though, thankfully I still have my solder & soldering iron from last year, now I just need the flux, helping hands bit, & de-soldering pump from Radio Shack :). I'm also getting the Backwoods Miniatures Double Ended Fairlie and I'm gonna use it as David Lloyd George, I also plan to add the Ex-Penrhyn Quarry Mainline Class Hunslet, Blanche.
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Do you need any more rolling stock? I have some kits that I'd like to sell.

Hon30 / 009
Loco Body Kits
1. Langley Models Festiniog Double Ended Fairlie Loco No. 11 0-4-4-0 with chassis and Kato motor $40
View attachment 43494
2. Gem Models Mountaineer 2-6-2 body only $20
View attachment 43495
3. Peco Vari Body Kit 0-6-0 with powered chassis boiler but will be included $35
View attachment 43496View attachment 43497
4. Chivers Quarry Locomotive Avonside 'Elidir' 0-4-0 Tank Loco body only $20

5. Roco Plymouth Diesel - Motor is shot but cosmetically in great shape $19

6. Roco 0-4-0 in parts not shown $10

Freight Car Body Kits
7. Prarkside Dundas (caboose) $5

8. Prarkside Dundas Snail Beach and District Hoppers – three for $15

9. Prarkside Dundas Outside Braced (box car) 4-Wheel two for $10

10. Prarkside Dundas Sliding Door (box car) – one plus parts to do two more for $15

11. Prarkside Dundas 3 Plank (gondola) – one plus parts to do two more for $15

12. Prarkside Dundas Flat 4-Wheel for $5

Passenger Cars
13. Prarkside Dundas Freelance 2 Compartment 4 Wheel Coach - have three for $15

14. Nine Lines Four Wheel Coach – Set of three for $20