pic's from my new layout

Hi master train, welcome to our group. Nice looking layout, I hope we'll be seeing more of it soon. very nice ground and rock work and a sharp looking loco too. I'm kind of taken by the trees, they look very good how did you make them? I like the touch that the bears add to the scene.
Cheers Willis
Hi there;
first im glad that you like these photos, i hope to share some more pics soon
the trees is from "Heki"- germany (and not hand-made)

In fact, all the scenery here is from european manufacturers.
master train,
Great looking layout. I've been thinking about getting one of those F59PHI locomotives. Keep up the good work on the layout.
Chris Moore

P.S. Great looking scenery
Hey master train,
I just found something out. If you're interested in buying another F59PHI, go to www.wholesaletrains.com click on Athearn, then diesel locomotives, look through the pages and you'll find them for $45.99. Since there a wholesale shop everything is a little bit cheaper then there original price. How much was yours?
Chris Moore
Hi master train,
Well the trees were looking so good to me I'd hoped you would have made them, so I could copy your method. AH! Well, I guess I can't win them all :D
Hey guys..

First- my F59PHI was something about 60$, but it was when she was brand new from athearn. actually, this is my only american locomotive. im pland to sell all my european loc's (made by roco) and to buy only american (just share some thought with you... ;) )

Second- Dear CBCNSfan
If you like these trees you can order them from eupore (the greman eBay or other shops) the Art. no. is 2201- 50 trees (sorry for this advertisement)
Master train,

Those pics look great!!!
I would love to see more.
The scene with the bears is missing something...............

Oh, I know!
How about adding a hunter with a Winchester 30-30 Lever action rifle and a pack mule?? :D

Keep up the good work.