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Georgeous container ship

John T. - What a georgeous container ship!:cool: You say your dad built it?
Thanks for the compliment on his behalf, I will pass it on.

Yep he's been working on it for ages and wanted to test it in a controlled enviroment (my Bath) before its maiden trip at his boat clubs lake.

Check out his blog here Im sure he would love some comments :D


Steve B

Ken L Eat your heart out Ken, that's a fine coaster ain't it.

John Don't forget, it's Heywood MR show this coming weekend 17th and 18th March, i should be going Saturday but have an appointment with 6201 Princess elizabeth at 10'ish on the west coast main line, then it's over to Heywood in the early afternoon


It was just two of us. It didn't take long for them to say something to us. We got out of the truck and got two shots of the swing bridge you have a shot of before they drove up. They later told us that much of the area is under video surveillance and that there had been an increase in suspicious activity. It took quite a bit of talking to stay out off jail. I guess it is part of the times we live in.:(


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Great work as usual guys:)

Don’t have much to show, since I’m working on ballast and scenery for the upper level (the track is in the background, even with the backdrop)
As soon as that is completed I’ll have something new to post.

In the meantime



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Last one for tonight, as seen from the top of the viaduct.
Quite fuzzy actually!. Sorry about that



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Steve B
Neat proto shot!

Nice work on the buildings!

Nice looking layout!

Awesome shot!

Nice locos!

Old 97
Nice shot of the Conrail loco!

Ken L
Nice bridge shots!

Nice snow shot!

Nice set of shots!

Cool pics and weathering!


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I don’t have any special shots this weekend. I was too busy to set something up.

I did make some trees as shown:


Also here are some overall shots of the RK&M. This are in disarray as you can see. That happens when parts are under construction as the Drexel Ridge is. These are not the greatest since one of my overhead lights is on the fritz.

The Water Tower Diorama is in the background here:

The Cement Distributor in the foreground with the Passenger Station Diorama behind it.


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Approaching Drexel Ridge with the Grain Elevator Diorama to the right.

Looking back at the Passenger Station Diorama and the Cement Distributor:

The Farm House Diorama with Drexel Ridge to the left:

Here is the other side of the Drexel Ridge where the town will be:


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Next looking down the town, Farm House, and Water Tower:

Another reason why so much is on the layout: The Work Bench!


Diesel Detail Freak
Tom, you've got one MIGHTY nice railroad there! I wish I had the space to expand right now, I'm drooling!

Keep up the work guys, you're inspiring me to get off my butt an work more...

grove den

naturally natural trees
saving space...

Want to save this place/space for more pictures so a short comment: to you all: great pictures again. It is as good as reading a mrr magazin!!
I won't bother you with trees this week so I "mastered/pimped " some old pictures( last year): (pict.2) a stable and (pict.1)an old( 18 th century farm, modelled after a real farmbuilding.
The third one has too something to do with mrr: it's the "room"under the modules of our club during a looks like it is a mass....The modulelayout is conducted by one computer.
The last one is realy PHOTO FUN. I hope Jeff don't mind....:eek: I found this one on his website..: I think after he finished the tracklaying he had to eat alooooooot of tomatosoup:p :p ;) BTW he has a great website! not because of the soup...

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Great pics again this week. I worked on the layout, but didn't get anything to the point of showing off. I had planned to talk about each of your pictures again this week, but I over-slept.

Next week, I promise.


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MLW - Always enjoy your cityscapes, one of these days I'll get around to doing that with my own backdrop.

Tom - I recognize your cement facility from an earlier photo (recycled caboose office). I see lots of CSX and B&O stuff - great minds think alike, eh!

Jos - Your pix always look like the real thing, keep 'em coming!

Ken, Why were you taking pics of our summer place??? :D
Eric, you should be proud - after all, it IS waterfront property! :p

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