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Only 4 this time. Some impressive photos though so make your choice


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As a former truck driver I remember one of the sayings was keep the shinny side up and the dirty side down. So lets switch that and see the dirty side up. We don't like it but we all experience it lets see some MODEL train wrecks staged or real.As we do this lets comment on each others photos as to is it staged or real.
I think next month it might be................. oh no I won't do that but I am open for suggestions


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Ahh yes, the UGLY side of the hobby! And when does it happen most? AT SHOWS!:eek:
Here are 2 view of what happens at shows. Engineer "A", suffers a derailment around a blind corner, and is to busy yapping with John Q Public to sound an alarm. Engineer "B" (thats me:mad:) is cruising along with 3 locos and 65 cars in tow at about notch 7. When the alarm goes out its too late. :eek: Those GP38's slice right through a few cars, and manage to get them airborne before stopping in full emergency! The carnage is photographed as soon as a) we realized that not one scratch was put on any of the equipment and b) we all stopped laughing!:D:D:D


Musta been the plow on the lead unit that tossed them up and over!:rolleyes:

THIS is why you don't back up a long cut of unweighted cars!!!:eek:
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That is one nice layout and a major disaster. Here is my big one. I don't remember the cause but 2 trains got tangled up some way




Where is everyone ? I knew this would be a different / strange one but I never dreamed it would be a total shut down. At least show some life out there.


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Okay, I guess i'll chip in. This is an unlikely scene, but it has gotten some applause in the past. The crane would not perform this lift from the trestle, but it might stabilise the engine from there.



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Of course this happens at shows, or open houses! The better to embarass you. Once at a previous club one of my trains stringlined on a trestle right in front of a TV crew. It made the 6:00 news. The only clip on the whole show to get aired. Shows the media's mindset I guess! :rolleyes:

Crandell, excellent as always!

Lester, Nicely staged scene, but that equipment is too clean! What can I say, I like weathereing :D

Grampy, Interesting approach. I like the rockwork, the rust on the trestle, and the lighting. Tough choice this month guys! :cool:

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