P2K Shell Removal problem


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Got this from a friend of mine, seems he's in some sort of a bind, can anyone help?

"Do you know anyone who has one of the new Life Like P2K GP38's? I have the Railink version,
was trying to remove the shell to do some weathering and I can't seem to
figure it out. I removed the two screws under the coupler boxes as per the
directions, but the shell won't budge. Something I don't know about?

Anyone have any advice? :confused:
Cheers Willis
Remove the coupler boxes. The screws just behind the couplers hold the weight in, so don't remove them. There are two screws under the trucks. One on the right side (loco up-side-down) in front of the fuel tank and one on the left side behind the fuel tank. You need to turn the trucks a bit to get at them. These screws hold the shell on. It will still take some coaxing to get the shell off, as it is a tight fit.
Hope that helps.
Thank's CP I'll pass this on to him, I'm trying to get him to join these forums, he's quite a craftsman, and has written several articles for C.R.M. maybe this will do it. I'll let you know how it work's out.
Cheers Willis
Well CP9302, I guess you know how to do it,
From my friend Steve "Hey Willis,,,success! Thanks buddy!"
That's the total of his email, must have been on his way to work this morning. I'll reply later telling him he should join.
Thank's again for your help.
Cheers Willis
Once your buddy takes those screws from under the trucks off, tell him not to put them back in. The shell will stay on just fine with the couplers only.

If he does, he should mark them somehow, because you know he won't remember that screw is there the next time!

Thanks Kennedy, I've passed that info along to him, I imagine I'll hear from him before he re assembles it.
Cheers Willis