P2K GP38-2 - Sound?

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I've installed a few sound decoders with great results, then I turned to my P2K GP38-2. It looks like some major milling of the weights would be required. Or perhaps installing the speaker in the fuel tank...

Just wondering if anyone here has tackled this particular install, and how you went about it.

As an aside, am I the only one that longs for a high quality GP38-2? I love the Athearn BB loco, but it's got it's flaws. The P2K loco has some dimensional issues, and I don't care for the truck sideframes at all. And the Atlas Trainman GP38-2, while a great runner, has some inaccuracies.

I really wish Atlas had done the GP38-2 in it's high end series.

But I digress... :(

Thanks for any input!


Diesel Detail Freak
I dunno, the GP38-2 line really has its issues, but there's so so so many variances in that line, its like trying to say all SD40-2 are the same. The P2K is the BEST offering to date.

Milling, or squishing the speaker in the cab is in order for most P2K's


Lazy Daydreamer
I recently chopped down the weight on my Atlas GP38 to put a 1" x 0.56" oval speaker above the rear truck. Had a thread here with pics, too. Of course I've never looked inside a P2K so I'm not sure about the similarities...
Yeah, I did an Atlas GP38 too, the P2K differs in that the weight is larger and would require more milling...

I put my P2K GP38-2 back together tonight, and fear I lost a part or two. What kind of light baffles does the P2K GP38-2 have? I must have misplaced something, I now have a "bonfire in the cab" reminiscent of early Athearn Geeps...


David, I used a speaker in the cab of my P2k GP7, painted homemade baffel black and it worked out good. Of course I wasn't concerned about being able to see the interior or an engineer.


Steve - what did you do with the speaker for your Proto 2000 GP38-2? I just received mine today and started the process. Not a happy camper when I found out the Soundbug speaker would not fit. Ordered a minioval from Tony's. I'm not sure about this process. ;o(

Did you get your set and if so, what did you do?


Update -
Got the mini-oval from Tony's. And it didn't fit in the limited space. Put in the Digitrax and Soundbug. Ended up milling (carbide tipped router bit in drill press) and cut above the rear truck. Speaker fits :eek:) Wires are packed very tight around the sides of the controller and sound boards. Had to remove two lights that are mentioned by George in #7687. Also, I forgot to replace the light baffle and, like Steve, I too have a cab interior that is highly illuminated!! Will have to open it back up and try to place the black plastic baffle and paint the Soundbug capacitor and holding tape black. Lesson learned - I thought I would save a couple bucks by installing DCC and snd myself. Ain't this fun???


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Personally, it's a lesson well worth learning. Now you know what it might take to do the job yourself, and it's a learning experience should you decide to tackle another loco.

While I convert diesels, I don't particularly like doing steam locos. Especially Brass steamers. I send all of those out to do. People tell me they're not that difficult to do, but compared to diesels, I not of the mind to take that on.


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