Overland SD40T-2 D&RGW w/ ALOT of extra Space under the shell.

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Put down my Brass!!!
Well, I bought this engine, custom painted, and apparently quite hard to find.
If you want to find out more about the model, The number is: OMI#087010042, Built in December, 2003. It was part of a line that was built as a D&RGW diesel, but never where they Factory painted from what I was told.
Anyway, Its DC right now, but I was thinking of going all out with it. What im looking for is Second Generation diesel Sound, and DCC. As so far as lights, It will have the basic light package(the rear light, head light, and Mars light in the Nose), And I also want to add Front Truck lights, and if possible, an engineers consol Light. If the Number Boards are clear from behind, Im thinking about lighting them too. The thing is, I do not know if there is a decoder out there that can handle that many Functions. Any Input from you DCC/Sound Programmers and users would be very much appreciated.

Thanks in Advance.


Diesel Detail Freak
I love that decoder there Grandeman, but this is a brass unit, he's go no worry about size. ;)

grande man

Bonafied Grande Nut
I love that decoder there Grandeman, but this is a brass unit, he's go no worry about size. ;)

Well, we don't have any brass, so I'm a little behind the curve on them...:eek:

Still, a second decoder might be the answer to get all the functions needed. I've seen it done.


Put down my Brass!!!
Actually, Grandman, You are on the right page. I was thinking of a SoundTraxx Decoder for the Sound, and a Second decoder for the actual Functions and Operations. For a speaker, Im thinking I can fit a 1" Wide speaker above the open Intake Vents, for a bit of a rumble. A friend of mine did the same thing with a Steam engine, and fit a nice size speaker in the Tender, and a Mini sized one under the stack. Worked great, could actually hear the Chuff out of the stack. either way, im still pondering on it. Any other Manufacturers for Decoders or sounds? Also, thank you guys, your input is great, keep it comming. :)


well I have a suggestion for the truck lighting. I've always noticed that a large number of engines have the truck lights always on, so how I did it was just wired the lights to the rails (DCC=constant lighting) for less decoder wiring and programing. worked great and looked good in any lighting.


Put down my Brass!!!
Wow, I never thought of that. Sir, you are a Genious!!! What makes it even easier, is that Locomotives that came equiped with front and rear lights, only use the fronts. That way the Engineer can see any slippage, that is if he cant tell if they are or not. But yes, that is a very wise, and very Smart Idea. Thank you very much for your input. :D :)
Much Appreciated.

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I'm told the reason for truck lights is that its hard to tell when a diesel gets movig at night, as there is no chuff of the cylinders as on a steam locomotive.


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Well, besides Soundtraxx, there's ESU Loksound. I have one loco with one of those, but haven't run it yet. Their biggest drawback is that they use 100ohm speakers (vs the normal 8ohm ones). This is due to heat generation by the amp, so it's been said.

Regarding speakers inside the shell, you may want to consider multiple speaker applications. Like, 4 of them if you can find space to cram them all in. I have a dummy Athearn SD40T-3 that has 3 oval speakers in it. Wiring series/parallel, you can keep it close 8ohms. One fires through the DB fans, one fires up the radiator fans, the third fires out the back. It sounds, 'interesting'.

I have a dummy Athearn D9-44CW which should allow me to cram 4 speakers in there, to keep things at 8ohms.....

There's no substitution for cone area, I always say!



Put down my Brass!!!
The only Problem with that, is that the Amp on the Board, cant handle usually more then one speaker. If you connect more then one speaker, it cuts the volume down by less then half. The ESU systems, I have actually never heard of, can you tell me more, or at least keep me updated when you get a chance to use it? Im thinking of just one good sized speaker for above the lower grills. Thats where most of the space is. But the Ideas are great, keep em comming!

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