Old Grocery Store (Proto Related)

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grande man

Bonafied Grande Nut
I thought this old building might be an inspiration for someone to model. It's located in Hayden, Al beside right beside the CSX mainline. I'm sure in years past it saw much steam action on the then, double tracked L&N.

The false front, common for older buildings, still stands tall today. I'd say they've been out of business a while, judging by the price sign beside the pumps! :eek: It was comical to see a "closed" sign in the front window. :D

One of the things that struck me about this structure is the fact that it would fit into a busy 1930's scene full of customers, a modern era layout vacant as it looks now, or any era in between.


grande man

Bonafied Grande Nut
conrail92 said:
$1.11 it has to be realy old.

I don't know about really old, I can remember 50 cent per gallon gas, lol. :D I'm sure some here remember it cheaper than that...;)

It was to good a photo op to pass up with the closed sign and that gas price!

Steve B

OMG, it's £1 a litre or £5 a gallon here which is about $9, holy cow
I like the look of that place


How about when regular was $0.28/gal and gas wars would lower it to 18 cents a gal. Ah, those high school memories. We could do some really cool cruising then.


Running the MC & Buffalo
heck back in 1966 when I first started to drive it was 20cents a gallon and they even gave you a glass on a fillup oh those were the days OLDGETTYSK
I don't know about anyone else, but I remember being in high school in the mid-fifties when 5 or 6 of us would kick in some nickles and dimes, put some gas in someone's junker and cruise around on friday and saturday nights. Usually less than 25 cents a gallon. The gas stations used to stack 1 gallon cans of oil outside in huge rows and sold them for a dollar a can if I recall.
We can remember, but we will never see those days again. Too bad.


Call me a liar but i found a place near by in a small run down town witch sells gas for $1.50 !!!! 25 cents cheaper then normal places. no lie.


S.L.O.&W. Trainman
OldGettysk said:
heck back in 1966 when I first started to drive it was 20cents a gallon and they even gave you a glass on a fillup oh those were the days OLDGETTYSK

Yep! And, they paid some kid to pump it for you.....:eek: Back in '66 when I got my first car, I drove 80 miles a day to get back and forth to college (Canandaigua to Rochester, NY) I would fill up on Friday evening when My wife and I got back to Canandaigua for $3.00 (That's correct!) That would get me to the next fill up a week and 400 miles later. We were driving a beat up 1960 VW with over 100,000 miles on it. Of course we were living on the $78 a week (after taxes) that she was making in her secretarial job at the phone company also.


Coal Shoveler
I started paying attention when it was about $0.40/gal. That was when the $$$ came out of my pocket. Before then, it was hearing Dad complain about the high prices.

I recall it getting into the mid-$0.30s when the competition was keen between the stations, especially when the el-cheapo self-serve showed up, but in general, I was happy if the price was around $0.50/gal. I got 10 gallons off of a $5 bill, which kept me running around until the next payday. $10 would fill the tank.




Diesel Detail Freak
Shoot the recent drop is good enough, seeing prices below $3 in San Diego, $2.89 on base, and it was $2.63 in Kingman AZ, now we're talking!


Coal Shoveler
$2.36 here in my corner of Metro Detroit.

Thinking back, I do remember $1.11. I remember it hovering just above or just below $1.00, which was a big thing for me at the time. Was that around 2000 or so?


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