October 2004 Model RR Photo of the Month Contest

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October 2004 Model RR Photo of the Month

The Topic is: UNIT TRAINS

Everyone has at least one unit train they run. Whether it's a coal drag, a bunch of ore jennies, road railers or stack train, most of us has some type of train that could be classified as a unit train. And for this contest, we're going to include passenger trains since we usually don't break those apart. So let's see a little more of the layout this time by showing us your unit train.

Lets see a good turn out folks.
There's a lot of members out there that want to see your work.
Only 1 entry per member please.*

Here's How To Enter:
Go to the October Model Railroad Contest Section of the Photo Gallery

Click on the "Upload Photos" Link

Fill in ALL the Fields and Submit Your Entry

It's Just That Simple !!

Your entry will show up in this thread within a day or so of being posted, as soon as the contest moderator has a chance to review the entry and post the photo here.

Thanks for entering the Contests and Good Luck to All.
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How about some more entries? I know there has to be some more of you out there that have some model train photos!

A couple of hints/reminders:

If you don't know how to enter, just ask in our "photo contest help" topic and we'll explain how to do it.

The photos don't have to be from your own layout. If you've got a photo from a train show or other public event, you can enter those. You can also enter photos you've taken at a private layout, though we do suggest getting the modeler's permission.

The contest topics are general in nature and we're quite forgiving on how they're interpreted. For example, this months topic is "unit trains". Technically that's pretty specific, a train carrying one type of car/commodity that runs as a unit, usually by-passing yards and switching terminals.

For contest purposes though we'll accept a bit broader range of trains. For example, if model an earlier era and you have a solid train of the old time billboard reefers, even if they're not all the same road name, that would work. The same for a solid string of boxcars or hoppers, even if it's actually a local rather than a run through unit train. Those are pretty new concepts, so if you're modeling steam you're probably not going to have a stack train handy. Also note that Ed says he'll allow passengers trains too. Be creative, we're pretty flexible.
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