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Ignorance is Patriotic
As many of you know, I model the modern-day New York Central System in HO scale. Although I don't get to post photos as frequently as I like, today I have a treasure trove of new pics for you. Rather than crowd up the traditional Weekend Photo Fun thread with over 3MB of pictures, I thought it best to start a new thread.

I was compelled to take pictures today (actually my good friend Eric took them) to photograph some of my recently painted, decaled and weathered boxcars... 6 maroon MMA (Montreal Maine & Atlantic) XMs, and 6 SLR (Saint Lawrence & Atlantic) XMs. Since my future layout will model the modern-day NYCS mainline from Selkirk to Boston, and possibly north of Boston, I am going crazy painting cars for regional roads that aren't available commercially. In addition, some fantasy "repatched" cars were done to represent small shortline or terminal railroads in the area, including Housatonic RR, Massachusetts Central, Connecticut Southern and Pioneer Valley.

The train is BA-SE, Bangor, ME to Selkirk, NY. Bangor, you ask? That's right... last year my NYCS purchased Guilford, er, Pan Am, and put them out of their misery. Immediately, the Boston and Maine RR and Maine Central were spun off into wholly-owned subsidiaries of the NYCS, whose mainline now extends as far northeast as Mattawamkeag, ME. Today we catch the train in a fictional town in New England located along the NYCS Boston Line.

If the pictures are still loading, I highly recommend you wait for them to load and enjoy the post in its entirity.

Without further ado, I present to you my NYCS BA-SE:

Today's train is led by SD80MAC #1129, shown here blasting through the grade crossing:

The SD80MACs were designed specifcally to tackle the steep grades along the old B&A route (recall Conrail was - I mean the NYCS is - the primary customer :D ) The second unit is also an SD80MAC, #1203:

All MMA maroon boxcars were custom painted

The NYCS high-cubes are Athearn, with custom decals.

Notice this ex-BAR boxcar has been restenciled for MMA, their successor:

All of the SLR boxcars to follow were custom painted. Notice the two different liveries:

Now before anyone attacks me for my political statement, the graffiti on this boxcar was copied from a prototype car that I saw here in Denver...

You can't see them, but the roller bearings on these TTX gondolas are blue.



Ignorance is Patriotic
The next two cars have been repatched for Massachusetts Central (MCER), and are purely fictional. I thought it would be great to include rolling stock from even the smallest of the small shortlines that interchange with the Class 1 NYCS along the Boston Line...

Connecticut Southern even gets represented!

Pioneer Valley RR!

Housatonic RR:

And the last car of the train...

Hope you enjoyed the tour, and didn't mind waiting at the grade crossing!


Southern Railway lives on
uuuummmm I didn't see any Southern cars and i'm postitve southern is still around or am I dreaming??

-Smoke(In a daze)


Drum Driver
Nice weathering!!...very realistic rust details! And I think I saw most of those cars here in Carlisle, Pa. at the Carlisle Tire and Rubber plant. Hardly a car comes thru here that's not graffiti-ed!!! Very Nice work!!


Ignorance is Patriotic
uuuummmm I didn't see any Southern cars and i'm postitve southern is still around or am I dreaming??

-Smoke(In a daze)
Also missing are cars from CSX, BN, CNW, SPSF and other major railroads that my friends in this particular "scenario" model. As I said earlier, I wanted this train to display some cars I custom painted for northeastern railroads. Don't feel too bad about the Southern not being represented. Maybe one day we can put some Southern engines and rolling stock into a NYCS train and film a video...


Running the MC & Buffalo
Awesome work there mtrpls. How about a Buffalo Southern heading up there ? L0l No really cool work I enjoyed the rolling stock !!!!


Rocket Red
Very nice work, Matt! I really like your focus on northeastern railroads as you focus in on your modeling prototype. If I didn't know any better, I'd saw I was in the northeast and not the Colorado Great Western!

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