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Looking at this forum and others I have learned some new techniques...Rusting and chipping paint, fading letters and better airbrushing. I recently showed off some of my weathered cars off at my club and was offered the chance to start weathering cars for alittle extra money (to support my hobby of course!) These are the two most recent pieces of equipment I have done...What do you guys think! Please be honest...I've been disappointed before...seems to be the only way for me to learn! :rolleyes: Thanks for your honest opinions in advance!



17K gal???? GATX tank car...

after (in progress shots...):



I will next finish this car after I weather the trucks, couplers, add wheel splatter to the tank ends and dust the bottom using an airbrush. Thanks for looking!



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Nice locomotive, but you missed the grills, they're the first to go on units. I love that C44AC-CTE, working on one myself, but I made the mistake of starting with an Athearn unit, later realizing the Kato matches the vents...


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The UP looks good, not as dirty as most of them are after 1 week,
but the Tank looks awesome, almost 1:1 real.:)


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You definitely need to paint the wheels and trucks to add realism to that tank car, but I love your rust spots. What did you use? More importantly, how did you accomplish the straight line of rust along the welded seams of the tank?


Nice realistic tank, the rust methid is awesome, I need to find a tutorial that shows the exact colouring to be used and also the method of making rust patches and then smudge the paint for dripping effect.



The tank car pictures are of the car BEFORE the wheels were painted, as well as the trucks! Don't know why I posted them too early! Oh well! The guy I did the UP loco liked it alot...not sure if it was the best one i've ever done though...:( As far as the rusting effect goes, ALL I used was 1.Testors dullcote to the entire car so the paint would "stick" better. 2. I used a combination of artist oil paints. The technique is VERY easy and has very dramatic effects...(especially on lighter colored cars!)
If anyone is intersted in learning how to do it themselves, I would be MORE than happy to write a brief tutorial. Just let me know. Its very easy and its one more technique to learn for those of us interested in this sort of thing!


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I have nothing but admiration for your work! The rust on the tank cars made me stop looking at the dryer in the background and wonder, how'd he do dat!

Great work. ;)


PS, I had to go back and look at the grills to see what they were talking about. :rolleyes:



Thanks for all the kind words guys! I have to also thank all of the guys that are WAY better at this than me for showing me what in fact is possible! I'm always so eager to post more stuff online...(probably not as eager as I am to see other people's stuff though! ;) ) I have some new stuff coming...A Chessie SD40 and some TOFC cars...Keep an eye out...

Definately superb! I think you're adding a whole new "spin" to the weathering world ;) :D (Sorry, couldn't help it)

I agree about the grills, what about corrosion at the hatches of the tank cars, and subtle wheel splatter (usually a dull DARKgray-brown) and some rust on the couplers?

Also, why not make a 36" photo module from a piece of flextrack and some Elmer's Foam-Core board? I've built one, added the most believable scenery elements, sifted real (non-magnetic) dirt, and some ballast on the 36" board. you can store the module anywhere, and elmerboard is light but strong, if you do not know what I'm talking about look here:


OK here's my first attempt on weathering ( rust ), I might have over did it, but so far still experimenting, and its not ready yet, I just thought to take a photo and show you the progress, maybe I'm doing something wrong and need correction.

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Hey, that looks good to me! Obviously you have the right idea about what i told you. Now, just pick a picture and try to follow it...Or, if you can't find any pictures, do what YOU think looks good! Looking at some other railroad car pics, it seems as if they weather every which way and nothing seems too far fetched! Looks great though!

OK here's my first attempt on weathering ( rust ), I might have over did it, but so far still experimenting, and its not ready yet, I just thought to take a photo and show you the progress, maybe I'm doing something wrong and need correction.


It's ok, the colors are DEAD-ON! :) However, remember that things rust on purpose. Unless you spilled Hyrochloric Acid on the front of that tak car, it wouldn't rust like that. Also, streaking down the side of the car should be done in a heavy wash, not heavy streaking down with a full load of wet paint on your brush. I might also point out that you rusted too heavily in areas that recieve light/medium rust, and left the real corroded parts, like the chemical hatch, and the trucks and underframe rust and dirt free. I would dry brush (you know how to do that, right?) a dark dirty color on the bottom quarter of the tank car, flaring up unper where the trucks are. I would rust the coiled truck springs, and remember to LOOK at the Prototype before you weather, it'll produce a more realistic product. :) :cool:


Well I know I rusted this heavily, but as I said it was my first try, and when I tried to look for a similar tank car, I couldn't find something near enough, and rusted/weathered. that's why I decided to try something on my own, but I think the heavy acid spilling made too much damage to the tank :p

I will try again, these that I used are acrylic paints so in a way they should go off. I already took off TESTORS paint from it without any problem. I will try everything again from begining, I don't mind sacrificing this tank.

If you know some step by step tut, with pics :p on how this type of weathering rust is made, kindly post the link, so I can start learning more in detail how this weathering works, especially rust with is a very hard thing to replicate.

When I tried to apply a wash, it couldn't stick on since the tank is not painted but coloured plastic, the water wash slips away. I made that effect by dabbing the paint with a brush layer upon layer.

Thanks for your precious comment
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You're welcome and, yes I do have a link and a website I HIGHLY suggest you join to learn more about weathering in a short period of time there than a lifetime on other forums:

To check out the site, click on this link:

A prompt will come up, type
User: mtw
password: enter

Once your in, fin the register button and sign on! :)


Thanks for the links and everythingm, its an awesome site and nice details. Though I'm trying to find the prototype of my tank car, but cannot fidn any, I also tried on rrpicturearchives site, but still no go. maybe I'm searching is with a bad info, can you tell me how can I find a specific car, or whatever box cars I ned to find?
It doesn't look like an american prototype tank car, for starters (Spanish, maybe?) I would suggest you look at spanish railfan sites. You might get some luck!

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