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This wasn't spurred on by the recent photo contest - For a little while I've been trying to take night shots on my MRR. I don't want to practice until I'm perfect like with daytime shots, that took 6 should I go about them? I use slide film, 100ISO, usually at f22, and my layout room is normally lit with halogen bulbs on tracks, and there is a light well at one end of the room.
I won't be able to reply to this for a while, as I leave for Washington tomorrow, but I'll be very grateful for any replies.


Railroad Photographer
By night shots do you mean like in the July photo contest, simulating night time? I ask because you've mentioned the lighting in your layout room. True night shots would be lighted mostly by the scale light bulbs. I've pointed a small wattage bulb toward the ceiling in some of my night shots to take off some of the extreme darkness when I shoot. All other lights are out.

Shooting with ISO 100 and at f/22 will result in really long exposures with only structure lighting. Does your camera meter down to 10-15-30 seconds? Might be worth while taking a roll of film at different exposure times, and recording them. My Canon film and now digital cameras always seemed to be able to give decent exposures using the cameras' meter.

It can be a learning experience to find the best exposures!

Good luck!
Well, I was thinking more scnes with well-burned-in headlights that resemble a very long exposure, as if you set up a tripod in the middle of the country where a train stopped.
I usually shoot with a remote release with the shutter speed set on bulb, and with the blue filter and f22 that usually ends up at about 15 seconds anyways.
I'm just thinking along the lines of "Should I use the room lighting with a short exposure and blue filter? Should I use the light coming in through the window well in daytime or dusk? With or without filter?" I prettymuch have no clue what to do...I think I ruled out light from outside with the blue filter, but that's about it.

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