New Track Plan


Ok heres a track plan ive been working on
Details: This is a freelanced model based on western Pennsylavania owned by norfolk southern the area features wooded area with a small rural farming town called Bailey with the commodaties of grain and produce on the mainline theres going to be a lumber company as well, and a small yard to handel departing and arriving traffic of frieght witch will export grain, lumber, crops, produce and the imports: lumber, generaal goods, Gasoline. These are some of my future ideas of what the layout will be and what it will handel frieght wise there will also be passenger service as well to the future town of bailey, and heres the layout track plan.

Your yard is much better than your last couple versions, but the yard lead needs to be at least as long as the longest yard track. It's okay to extend it around the corner and even attach it to the main.

Also an improvement is the fact that now you can run in either direction--except for a runaround at the base of your peninsula. That is easily solved.

Now if you can work out a staging strategy you will double or triple your options.
Ya i read at the 10 commandments of yard building it helped. And ill put a Wye at the base of the pennisula, im not entirely sure where i can put a staging an how to incorporate it into the layout any ideas?
updated plan

heres and updated plan its a littel rough but once everything is fianalized i will make everything clean and level

the on track tha seems to go no where leads to the staging yard and ill haft too figure out the grade % and how im going to set it up ill haft to read up a littel bit more on stagin yards

What the staging represents is the rest of the world. The line to staging would therefore be a main line and probably should come off the main in your layout.

In other words, you ship coal off to staging. Beer from your town is producted in Pittsburgh and comes to your general store via staging.
K thnx ill have maybe coming from the right on top from the mainline ill figure out where ill place it once again thanks for all your help
Looks good. I would consider adding another industry in the bottom left corner (where you have an empty space between the main and table edge)
I could i want a simple idustry nothing advance, somthing that wont take away from the scenery but still is interesting, any ideas? maybe a factory of some kinda
If you don't want to take away from the scenery, look at some Walthers background buildings (if you're gonna have a backdrop on at least one side)