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Rocket Red
Here's the latest to come out of the Rock Island paint shop:


Athearn SW1500

Atlas U36C

Broadway Limited AC6000CW

The AC6000CW came out worse than expected, but it was poorly repainted when it was in the SPSF pinstripe scheme, so I didn't have too high of expectations. I hope to do another AC6000CW. I have two SD45T-2s in the paint shop right now that should be done by the end of the month!

More photos of the U36C with the U30C







Ignorance is Patriotic
The New York Central's western interchange partner keeps getting better and better!!!

PS Zephyr - in a few months, I will be ready to start the co-branded PanAm service we've been discussing...


Ignorance is Patriotic
Haven't any of you heard of the song "Rock Lobster" by the B-52's? I mean really... :)


Southern Railway lives on
Haven't any of you heard of the song "Rock Lobster" by the B-52's? I mean really... :)
Nope never heard of them, should I know them????:confused:

zephyr nice locos, can't wait to see those SD45T-2's!!!!!!!:D


Zephyr, Awesome work. I've painted some GP35s in the Rock Island marroon and yellow and have jump on myself about some of the mess ups I made during the painting, but I'm hoping my weathering skills will fix. Each day I think of what the Rock would be like if it had survived and just makes me feel bad that it didn't :(
Those are Fantastic!! (not just cheerleading either, these are AWESOME!)
Is this a Rock Freelanced scheme, or are these prototype versions of earlier schemes before the "Rock" logo?

BTW..Does the Pan Am Service need a West Coast Connection? :D

My Mission Valley and Pacific has connections to LA and San Diego from Phoenix..let me know! ;)


Rocket Red
Thanks for your comments, guys! MilesWestern, these are definitely not prototypes, although I was influenced by the Rock Island's first diesel "Rocket Freight" paint scheme with the black, red, and white.

After the SD45T-2s (which take forever to put back together, thanks Athearn), I will be doing a couple AC4400s. I am getting a CP Rail AC4400, which should start me out close to my paint scheme.

For anyone who is interested, here is a B-52s Rock Lobster video:


Ignorance is Patriotic
^haha. I'm the guy who lives in Denver and has the altitude problem. Small world! (by the way, still no luck with the hairdryer. I'm just going to darken it with chalk)
ROFL!! Smal world indeed! :D

I suppose the Chalk would work perfect for that! Too bad the hairdryer didn't about bottled Oxygen Sprayed on the rust solution! :D ;) (JK)


Ignorance is Patriotic
Well, the hairdryer did work... but only for one application. Using the dryer achieved a level of darkness I couldn't get with the solution alone, but then when I was brave enough to put on another coat, again using the hairdryer, the whole thing turned lighter and bright orange on me. Back to square one! Basically every successive coat of the solution is a gamble, and I can't seem to get the consistently darker results that you can get with each coat.

I think I'll keep using the solution for the texture and the base rust color, but will darken it substantially with chalks. I've never seen bright orange rust on boxcar roofs anyways... the rust is always a dark, burnt sienna color.

I am kinda pissed thought that I could not get the deal to work. Maybe when I'm at sea level next month I'll try it again...


Ignorance is Patriotic
And now back to the Rock Island... the New York Central's western interchange partner!


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