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I've been wanting to setup a new layout but I have limited room
to work with. Being as inventive as I can, I was thinking of possibly
even "hanging" the bench work from the cieling around the outside of
the cellar space. I can't really just "set aside" the space I would
like, at least not inside ( lol ).

The first thought was to suspend the shelf on a system that could be
lowered smoothly while keeping it level, although after thinking about
it further, it doesn't appear it would be easy to do, and I'd be spending
alot of time and money to get it correct.

The room in question is approx 20' x 20' ( if detailed drawings of the
room would help, lmk ) with a couple of doors, stairway going upstairs,
etc. My fear is I start down a particular path, spending the time and
money, all to find I have to back out.

1 last note... There are a couple of things I would like to have in
the layout.

1. Trussle bridge, nice expanse, prefer curved
2. Over and under, ie, the trussle might go over a section
of track.
3. Mostly "just run" with a small area for yard activity
4. The ability to run at least 2 main runs.
5. The ability to turn around, without neccesarily using something
like a three point "triangular" section.

Any suggestions would be appreciated


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You have several challenges! One thing I see you wanting is continuous operation with 2 main lines...turn around can only be by loops for continuous. If you want dual mainlines, this will require an 18" and a 22" radius loops at the least(depending on length of your longest rolling stock) which I recommend 40' cars at the longest for what you want to do, or a run-around track where engine could travel to other end of train for a return trip...but this is called a point to point layout.
Next challenge is you still need the space and are wanting to raise/lower the layout. One way could be a wall mounted fold down where legs fold out as it's lowered, But extensive details can be a problem here, especially the trussle bridge..
But as far a design layout, allot of guys on here will need your room layout and how much you can spare,,, To me your best option is a point to point on a shelf layout. Any era will work like steam short line or a switcher diesel set-up on a short line, still leaves allot to work with!


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a point to point layout would be ok with loops on each end coming back
to the double main. Also - this would give me the option of let's say,
having main #1 run under main #2 then back out at some point, either
reversing their positions or not.

As you noted - there would be issues with a fold down as far as
detailing, not to mention the fact that the walls are not clear to
the floor due to furniture and such.

My other thought is to just shelf it all at a comfortable height on
the wall so as to not conflict ( as much as possible ) with the furniture,
but not to high so I don't have to stand on my toes to see it.

I will layout a drawing of the room and post it in a day or so, that
should help clarify some things.

Tks and keep the suggestions coming.


Diesel Detail Freak
You know, there were a few articles in MR & RMC a while back that talked of building an N scale layout on a hollow door, and using a pulley system to raise & lower it. It was a pretty neat idea.

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