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Well here is the latest pics from the layout,I know,I know I need help in photography,But I'm trying,thats exactly what my wife say's,I'm trying.So have at it and have a good laugh on me,it's the weekend.
As always thanks for the time.
Very nice! Kudos for all the AC lights. I've got a few but they are not functional yet.

How do you get your "smoke" to come out sideways out of the smoke stack? I mean, how do you make it stiff like that? Hair spray?

smoke in the smokestack

:D The smoke is cotton swabs,pulled then spray painted from a distance,pulled into shape,then placed into position:eek:
Nice work, I especially like the 4th one with the ground-level street scene. Reminds me of what The Block looked like back-in-the-day...:D
Nice shots Is that a casket company ? My sister sells caskets for a living thought I saw her in that building .LOl . I got a digital camera from my daughter two xmases ago and still try to figure how to get the shot right OLDGETTYSK
Hard to say if your photos are out of focus due to being hand-held or just not in proper focus. Might try a tripod or something else to steady the camera during the relatively long exposures with such low light.

Check out my website on model railroad photography for more tips:
If you want to get technical try not to focus in so close. I think it is distorting your pictures ,Focus out a little more. OLDGETTYSK
I like the way the shots are set at dusk. Shows the layout lights but gives enough light to see everything else, too.