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They are very nice. Only recently did they add a US distribution system so the shipping is reasonable; before that everything was shipped out of Canada and it wasn't economical to order a couple cars. Moloco did offer free shipping if you ordered 6 cars but thats like $300 worth at $49 a pop, a couple of the earlier cars were $55 ea. In fact I finally just ordered one of the D&RGW Moloco cars ($55) vai Spring Creek Hobbies - they were the only outlet in the US for Moloco before the recent US warehouse.

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Moloco has a new run of General American RBLs available on a new website.
I remember those red Santa Fe shock control cars when they were brand new. Would really like to have some, but these are too rich for my blood. That is, not to mention that they probably wouldn't last a single operating session without getting broken up. Operators are pretty hard on equipment.


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Originally Posted by montanan

Way too rich for me. I have locomotives that I didn't pay that much for.
Funny you should say that, have you looked at the MSRP for some of Bachmans freight cars recently? Good grief, they are in the ball park of Moloco's and Tangents, and yet still basically Bachman quality. If I go back far enough, I can cite loco's that cost less too but thats not the point. It's like saying Lexus is way to rich and you could get a used Ford for less than a quarter of the price. Uh huh, so...

You get what you pay for.
Thats basically it. Some of the items being produced by Moloco, Tangent, ExactRail and Athearn Genesis are gorgeous fine scale models. I can't afford many of them thats true, but a few of them which are era and location appropriate really enhance a train for those who appreciate them. Spring Mill Hobbies has produced some gorgeous PD covered hoppers and Canstock box cars - I still don't own any but hopefully will be able to fit one or two in in the coming year.

The good news is there are models on the market for all tastes budgets, from el-cheapo at train shows to some top notch rolling stock only offered in recent years in plastic. It's a great time to be in the hobby.


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I love the detail on them. It is fantastic, but the majority of my freight cars were build over 25 years ago while I was starting my layout. At the time the old Atheran blue box cars were probably the best available shake the box kits. Not the best for detail, but after being lightly weathered, they'll do for me. I so have a few Tichy cars that have good detail and I also put a number of Silver Streak kits together also. I was getting undecorated BB kits for around 4 bucks each.

I pretty much have all of the rolling stock I need but I have been able to pick up a few Kadee cars recently in the $35 range on Amazon. I keep all of my rolling stock on my layout and am running out of room. These particular cars are probably a bit modern for 1957 also, but they have incredible detail.


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When Kadee started offering HO RTR freight cars, the price put me off - and I was mostly into 1980's thru early 1990's, so they were too early. I have been back dating to cover 1965-1985 lately, so the Kadee work better for me - picked up my first Kadee 2-bay cement hopper for $20 at a train show a few months back but there are usually lots of Kadee NIB for around $25 or sometimes less.

The nice thing about the Moloco cars is they represent freight cars built in the 1961-1965 time period and are perfect for me. I only have one so far but plan on getting a few more as I am able. Since I've back dated somewhat, I'll sell off my "too new" freight cars to help raise cash to afford these. They really are sweet.

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