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Hey Folks. Thought I would say hello and introduce myself. My name is Patrick, I am building a Proto 48 layout based in central Michigan. 1996, Conrail switching. Point to point and the main feature is a large paper mill.
Look forward to learning some stuff from you guys.

Anyone doing 2 rail? P48?

Take care,


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Welcome aboard. If you ever have any questions to ask, this is the place to ask them. I'm also glad that I am not the only one with a point to point operation.
I left HO a few years back and couldnt bring myself to run trains in a circle anymore. Now I feel the layout will serve a purpose....or a papermill ;-)
Pete, I have been using 3 pt. gauges from various suppliers. Lately I have been working on structures on the mills southern end when time permits



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I used to help a friend of mine in Mobile, Al with his O Scale layout. It filled a 3 car garage, all track was hand laid. I built quite a few turnouts for that layout. Only trouble with it was he used Code 172 for all his track! Talk about working with girders!;)

We finally got to where we could run some trains, and it sure was fun watching a L&N Berk with 80 hoppers in tow, going around that layout. I still miss it.
Code 172 is huge! Good ol' elbow grease to get stuff lined up I bet.

I am using code 138/125/100. The layout is about 200 LF shelf style, all branch line and going to be in pretty rough shape.
2011-10-15 (3).jpg
To answer your question, there is no connection
When I was in HO, my layout was basically a loop with a few towns and a yard in it. Since I've moved to O scale, the layout is a point to point and gives me a sense of purpose for the railroad. The size kept me from creating a loop style layout since I didnt have the room for it.


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Welcome back Patrick, I say that 'cause I went back to the thread's start and then realised there is a year's gap in it. What happened in the interval?
Oops, I just saw this reply.

I'll put it this way...the less you see me on a forum....the more that's getting done somewhere else. Which hopefully means something on the layout. Right now I'm laying a diamond crossing. Pics later if there is any interest.

Take care guys!


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Like to see some pictures and a track plan.
if your interested, I have 30 or so 3 foot lengths of 125 rail that I will never get to use.
Is is steel rail? Thats all Im using. If its nickle silver, I can ask some of my other O scale buddies.

Pictures later in the week....My diamond is drying and I dont wanna disturb the paint since I masked all the ties off and such. Here is a photo of it from this morning tho.IMG_0378.jpgIMG_0382.jpg



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Welcome to the forums, glad to have you onboard!

I missed this thread first time around, but I am glad to see you are back. We enjoy sharing your hobby with you.

I almost forgot to mention, we always have interest in pictures!
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