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All new now!
Hey everybody, I just wanted to say hello. I think I know some of you from "the other side of the street." I actually found this forum before the other one, but I joined that one because it seemed a little faster paced. I thought I might join this one for a little change of pace. For anyone I havn't met, I model in HO and use the good ole 4x8. My layout is my starting point for getting back into model railroading. Most of my equipment is from the 1980's. It's old, but it has served me well so far. With that said, I hope everyone here likes to talk about trains. It would be a novel thing to do on a model railroad forum.:)


Fun Lover

It's a little slower paced here, and the answer may not come as fast, but the focus is on trains and there are some very knowledgeable people here. Remember the post by Phillip about asking about cameras "over there"? Check out the one here by the same name. That will kinda show the difference.

Your Camera Rocks Because

You'll fit right in.

Oh, and the software isn't as cranky.
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All new now!
Thanks for the welcome. I've lurked on here before. I just havn't checked in awhile. Hopefully I can learn a thing or two from you guys.

Joe Daddy

C & SF, my obsession
Welcome Corey, and we recognize your handle too. In my opinion, there are two really wonderful features of this forum.
  1. The picture forum allows upload of larger pictures so the pictures you typically find here are really full of great details and content.
  2. They also have a product recommendation section that is of value as well.
best regards,


SP modeler
Howdy Corey, Joe Daddy, I joined here last year but never hung out here much , the events of last weekend pushed me over too.
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Hi, Corey. Nice to see you here. I think you'll find it much more civil and encouraging here...warmer you might say.



SP modeler
Like that retaining wall on your layout, did you make it ? I wish I'd gone more multi-level on mine , no way I'm going to tear up again, getting too old to do that again.


All new now!
Were you refering to me about the retaining wall? If you were, it's woodland scenics. I have to admit, my ruff design for my layout came from Spacemouse's old layout. I'm purely a railfan/scenerybuilder. Some day I'll probably want operations. That will have to be a different layout. When I started I wanted a second level, a tunnel, a bridge and a town. Now you can see why I copied Mr. Mouse. Thanks again everybody for the welcome. The other place was the only forum that I frequented. It's nice to have options when things get out of hand.


S.L.O.&W. Trainman
Hi Corey and Welcome to the sunny side of the street. And .... Howdy, howdy, howdy to you Grappleg. Nice to see both of you over here where we don't yell at each other all the time.. ;) :D I've got so I don't spend much time over there, my old blood pressure can't take it. Besides that we have some of the best over here too.

BTW, I go by howmus over there. Don't forget to stop by the coffehouse. Fergie usually foots the bill for everyone (actually we just run up his tab when he is out to sea).

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