New LED Lighting & Layout Photos


Big Boy 4013
Thought I'd share some photos of my layout and LED lighting on my locos.
Let me know what you think. ;)

View them at the link in my signature.
Wow, you've got a lot of stuff on that layout! How did you make those power lines. I've been looking at Pelle Soeborg's layout in this month's Model Railroader and wondering how he made those great power lines and how he keeps from bumping them with his hands when cleaning the layout.

My power lines are made of gray embroidery thread with a touch of CA at each insulator. I usually go 3 poles at a time to get the tension I want, glue it and then cut off the ends.

I start from the bottom closest the pole and work out and up. And yes, I have bumped them plenty of times and gotten horns and couplers caught in them too!! If one comes loose, I just cut out the bad section and replace it. I also start out with the lines fairly tight, they start to stretch and droop nicely, like the real thing, after a week or so.
So far I have not had a significant dust problem. I do use my shop vac on the layout regularly and a gentle duster for the lines and soft paint brushes for the buildings.