New Kodachrome SPSF AC4400CWs


Rocket Red
I recently completed modeling two AC4400CW locomotives in the SPSF kodachrome paint scheme. These will be used for my mainline unit trains, currently my work-in-progress OMAX unit coal train, and will join future AC4400CWs and ES44ACs (whenever Kato and/or Athearn come out with a decently-priced alternative to Tower 55 {which I am not buying by the way!!}). These are really the first modern freight locomotives I have done in the SPSF.

Without further adieu, I present 8099 and 8288. Enjoy!





Former KCS 2000 will also help out with unit trains

A few other new photos



I will conclude by announcing my next motive power project: a Broadway Limited AC6000CW:
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Wonderful Zephyr! Those engines shall look pimp beside my New York Central SD70MAC-daddies! We'll have to do a photo shoot sometime soon.

Interestingly enough, someone from your organization approached the New York Central about granting SPSF trackage rights to Buffalo. Do you know anything about this?
Thanks, buddy! Regarding Buffalo, we just want to run our kodachromes up to the Buffalo Central Terminal for some cool photo-ops!

Zephyr said:
Thanks, buddy! Regarding Buffalo, we just want to run our kodachromes up to the Buffalo Central Terminal for some cool photo-ops!

Now, granting SPSF trackage rights to a city they ordinarily don't serve - just to do a photo op - would be cheating. ;)

Tell you what. Let us send our New York Central locos out to Los Angeles for a photo op, and we'll grant you Buffalo. :cool:
Zephyr, WOW!:eek:those Kodachrome units look OUTSTANDING!;) :D YOU really did an AWSOME job on them! and i REALLY like the shots of the other engines. NICE looking layout too.;) :D keep up the GREAT work, and keep posting pics. thank you for sharing.:) -Dean
Matt - I suppose I could let you run to LA if you let me run to NYC - and I will also allow a photo shoot in, say, El Paso??

Thanks for the compliments, Chris, Dean, and Cliff. I should mention the layout is not mine - the photos were taken on my colleague's layout, who's a little farther ahead in the hobby than me by over 40 years.

jbaako - not sure I follow you on the HP hours?
Like when you see a BNSF unit on CSX trains, or NS on BNSF, or UP on CN, ....

Can't wait to see that AC6000CW...
jbaakko said:
Couldn't one, just erm, end up leading a freight on HP hours?

They've already made appearances on some New York Central trains in Northern Jersey. :cool:
Hi Zephyr, those are awesome photos, the background effect on photos 3,4 and 5 fantastic looking. Nice work on the models can't wait for that AC6000CW to be finished. keep us up to date on it OK!

Oh, dorky idea came up last night, what about some experimantal SPSF scemes, like SP bloody nose in the red & yellow, or SF red & silver? Maybe a bonnet in SP? I'd add a little 'railfanning' demension! One of those maybe's...
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