New Kato AC4400CW Comments


Hello All,
I just bought a new Kato AC4400CW off eBay and wanted to provide my comments to the forum on this model. The attached photos show pictures of the model on my diorama. You can also see a couple of my Genesis units trailing in one of the pictures.

This has to be the finest plastic model ever produced. The level of detail is excellent. I spent over two hours applying all the detail parts supplied with the kit. Everything was there; MU hoses, trainline hoses, windshield wipers, grab irons, sunshades, fuel filler cap, coupler cut bars, plow. I mean everything. I installed a Digitax DH163P in the model with no problem. Now this baby coasts along super quiet, even in sharp turns in my engine yard.

The only gripe I had was that a single amber LED was used for the forward headlights and the ditch lights. These must be removed to allow seperate operation of the headlights and ditch lights. Pretty standard stuff, but it would have been nicer if seperate bulbs were installed for me.

I'll compare this to my Genesis SD70s, but there is no comparison. On the Genesis units, you'll need to drill holes to install the windshield wipers, the sunshades are too thick, the plow does not have access doors for MU hoses.

Did I tell you how pleased I am with this unit yet? The chining bar has been raised!

Even though I don't like the UP,I must say this...Thay sure look realy nice!
And Ill bet thay run nice too.
I took a look at a new AC4400 in the LHS the other day, biggest flaw, MOLDED BRAKE CYLINDERS!! Its the same truck as the earlier dash 9, but for some reason, the bright engineers at Kato created new sideframes with molded cylinders, Yuck! I was going to pick up an AC, but I didn't want to order dash 9 sideframes and swap them around. Come on Kato, get with it, instead of doing stuff like this just sell the drive only, or to another manufacturer like Atlas.

Wow, nice Bill. I would get me one of those but funds are short so I am going to rely on Kato SD90MACs for my coal trains for now. It looks great, but you might want to put some black wash on the vents on the back, that will make it look new but realistic. Thanks for the photos.