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Well, my roommate and I have decided to build a new layout as we were getting tired of watching the train go round and round....

So here is our new layout plan

The room is about 18' x 16 1/2

On the right hand side, we plan on having a low lying area, with a viaduct purchased from one of our fellow club members (pics to come soon)

Please note that the layout image attached is not to scale.

I hope to take some pics of the actual benchwork this week sometime


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Looks like a great start, I'm guessing the brown part is the benchwork? alot of the guys use Xtrkcad to design the layout before you build. is the free download.



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Here are a few pics of the layout (as of Jan 2/06)

Part 1

Pic 1: One of the yard areas. We plan to have track running below and a run around track up top
Pic 2: one of the bridges
Pic 3: Low lying area, plan is to have a mining operation
Pic 4: Island, will have a city scene here
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Part 2 - some more shots

Pic 5: The other bridge
Pic 6: Between the island and the other bridge
Pic 7: Looking into the room
Pic 8: The other bridge seen from the den
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Nice! Benchwork was one of my least favorite things in model railroading, I rushed right through, and now I wish I would have taken more time. Is that going to be an N Scale layout?


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Yes it will be N-Scale

I'm hoping to grab the track plan tonight so that I can scan it.

One of the things we are hoping to do, if we remember, is to allocate some place for DCC boosters


Ye, they are great. Before the Second World War there was this bridge near my house ( it`s a bit similar to yours on the layout)

Two days after the war it.


I like the 4 cabooses on the wall. :D

Question: Why are there 2 gas meters in the basement? Does the meter reader have access to this area?


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Trackside said:
IQuestion: Why are there 2 gas meters in the basement? Does the meter reader have access to this area?

I actually live in a duplex, so one meter for my place and the other is for my buddy who lives upstairs.

Too bad he isn't into trains as well

We have an understanding with our landlord. We were able to build the rooms in the basement (den & train room), but if we move out, he has the option of taking the rooms out.

I can understand the train room (he's not into trains either and there is no guarantee that the next tenant will be as well), but the den is actually quite cozy.


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More shots of the the progress

1) CP train in partially laid track
2) Lower level - facing out of the West yard
3) Lower Level - other direction
4) Closer view of the tunnel area/mountain
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2nd of 3 series of shots

5) Upper Level - This part will be under the mountain
6) Upper Level Grade - Back track goes straight across, front goes down at about 2.5%
7) Looking at the South Yard from the upper level
8) More of the South Yard


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3rd of 3 series of shots

9) On the grade, looking East, the white walls are to stop any runaways from falling to the floor
10) Behind the East bridge - this part will be under a hill
11) Upper Level turnout - the turnout will send the train down the grade


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OOH! I just love that Viaduct,excellent work Marc, fantastic, beautiful work,hope you took some photos while you were making it. Layout's coming along great. Thanks for the pictures nice work.


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Actually, the viaduct was bought from a member in my club who was dismantling his layout

I'm not sure if he has any shots of him building it, but I can ask when I see him at our meeting on Monday


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Nice work, keep those pics coming! It's really cool that your landlord is letting you fill the basement with a layout like that.


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We generally see our landlord about 3 or 4 times a year if we're lucky. He has a great policy: "Do what you want (within reason) and I'll pay the bill if I like it"

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