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Iron Horseman

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Interesting. Now we will have to wait and see if Lionel comes up with enough different pieces to make interesting track plans. That issue why, just last weekend, I choose to go with Atlas O-Gauge Century Track instead of Lionel FastTrac for my Polar Express. There are several key pieces not in the FastTrac line.

I wonder why they choose to space the ties so far apart. Looks like they are spaced half way between what narrow gauge and standard gauge should be.

Then to see how they solve the reversing loop problems. My guess is they will not and this will be great track for temporary toy train loop scenarios an not much else. I'm also skeptical about the electrical connections. Lifelike tried a butt end electrical connections on their "PowerLoc" track series that ended up being problematic.

I wonder if it will be cheap enough I can get a loop or two to experiment with.


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I know. That was more of a rhetorical question.
I like the concept, but the execution leaves a few open questions, you know?


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My guess is that Lionel, yet again into the HO market, is supplying this track for people who want to run DCC or Lionel's equivalent digital command, meaning no blocks entertained. Of course, a 10-thou shim of styrene between the magnets would still keep the tracks aligned nicely, but isolated.


Curse You, Red Baron!
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The concept seems good, but I couldn't tell how the pieces stay aligned - either vertically or horizonally?
Did I miss something? I'll watch again!


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Trying to compete with Kato? Not really usefull for yard and siding trackage that is not elevated. Looks like code 100 rail Toy train stuff for under the Christmas tree.


Never saw an Atlas rail joiner 'fall apart' or 'not align opposing rails' ! And, man, they must cost a pretty penny per section ! If they offer switches, how much will they be; $42 each (and that'd be for the non-motorized ones) !?


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Electric locomotive controlled by remote, LionChief App, DCC or DC transformer

The new Lionel HO track comes with the few Lionel HO sets already available. Individual pieces are coming soon.

I don't think Lionel's target market is the experienced modeler, at least not yet. Like their RTR sets I believe this is a starting point for new modelers. Anything that attracts new and or young modelers and makes it easy is a good thing for our hobby.

All model trains are toy trains. That is not to say there are not varing levels of quality of our toys. I've got locomotives that cost more than some cars I have owned, but they are still toys.


Only difference between men and boys are the price of our "toys"!! I also have a couple locomotives that cost as much as a cheap used car. Both being G scale live steam locomotives. I agree, anything these companies, espically Lionel, can do to bring in new blood to the hobby is a good thing and we need to promote this in a positive manner instead of picking it apart and trying to turn it into something it isn't. The inner bickering and product trash talk does nothing to "promote" the hobby, but infact detracts from it. Mike

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