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My newest acquisition

Limited Pre-Production run of TRAINS CANADA HO RTR
Cylindrical Covered Hopper, Canadian National (CN)


This model comes in a variety of paint scheme such has: Various Government of Canada and Government
of Alberta grain hopper paint scheme, TH&B, 2 version of CN, including the one presented here.

At first glance this model reminds me of the Atlas Trainman series of covered hopper that I have, under the guise of TLT.
The exception is the lack of under body details, but I can live with that.

The roller bearing trucks are well detailed. The various inscriptions are crisp and legible under magnification.
The CN noodle and car information are crisp as well. The end details are well done.







The roof walk however is of the Athearn level. Not see trough like IMC. The plastic wheel sets will be the
first thing to go, replace with metal one. The couplers will follow, replace with KD’s.



I am uncertain what changes will take place in the “normal production run”.
Overall it is a fairly good model at a reasonable price.

My $0.01
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I must admit to being a little disappointed looking at those pics. The car seems over priced for how it looks. I was hoping for a detail level closer to Intermountain... Oh well, I didn't really need any more cylindricals anyway.


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No chance in hell. Not in the same league as IM or Atlas.

We will see if there will be any "modification' for the
normal production run, but I don't see what could change.
In any case, I paid $19.00 CND for it, so that's ok with me.


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The thing is, around here price are not the same as in the US.
For example an IM Covered Hopper or Atlas car will cost anywhere
between $45.00 to $55.00. So you can see where this car
fits right in.

The SMRP is $27.00 on their website, but the highest aking price for
their model was $25.00 and the lowest $20.00 including tax. Yes,
I bargained with the guy and I got $1.00 off!! Woopee!:p

In any case, what Trains Canada has going for them is the
wide range of Canadian paint scheme (Atlas, Athearn,
Walthers don’t make many, if any, and in some cases its
totally wrong..) and the lower relative cost of the model

Yes some details are crude, but I know how to fix it.
I will be coming back for more. BTW they will look good slightly weathered:D










Those are some pretty nice paint schemes. I especially like those in the first two photos. Do any of these cars ever make it onto trackage here in the United States?


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tcwright973, I am positive that some would indeed find their way south
of the border.

OldGettysk, thanks. I think so too


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So how long before Plano makes a walkway for one? Or shall someone try the Plano IM one?


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I think it looks fine after a little weathering and adding your mods. I would mod the couple box some but other than that it is all good. I like the rest of your pics you posted.

Everyone has their opinion and they do not have to agree with you....but so what?

Then again I think if you re-read your post you were doing your own product review of your acquisition. I didnt see any quest by you for an opinion anyways! :p

You ARE the Tycoon of you MRR world. The eye the beholder! No need to fret it man! It is all good to me.:D Very nice!

I appreciate our post and pics! thx
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