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I am a conductor and student engineer for a short line in NE washington state. I am looking to model some of the locomotives I have run. Already, I have run into a problem. I found a GP40-2W on ebay and spent way too much :( lol. It has no detail parts and the cab is crushed in. They said it was manufactured by athearn so I contacted them with no luck.

Does anyone know where a person could find a couple gp40-2W or gp40-2L, undecorated HO scale? (or maybe someone has already modeled the HLCX 9414 and 9659?? probably not, that would be too easy)
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The widecab models have not been offered by any of the major firms, most modelers (myself included) have added aftermarket wide cabs to their models. Have you checked eBay for undecs? You can place them on your eBay "want list" and they will notify you if and when they are available on auction.


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Hello, and welcome!

As far as I could tell, only Athearn makes a GP 40-2.

A quick search of the Walthers website ( says that Atlas makes a GP40. I'm not familiar with the differences between your models and the GP40, but you may be able to kitbash one into what you want using brass, styrene, and detail parts from Details West, Detail Associates, or Cal-Scale.

You said the one you got from eBay had a smashed cab? I hope you didn't pay too much for it! Did the seller state that in the auction, or was it a surprise when you got it in the mail?


I'm not aware of any company making GP40-2L's or W's or GP38-2W's for that matter except for Overland Brass, and you'll pay through the nose for one of those. The good news is, several companys make or have made Canadian style wide cabs to kit-bash these models. To just replace the cab is a relatively easy kit bash. To make a 100% accurate model is harder.

Athearn never made a wide cab GP40-2, but their standard cab GP40-2 is a great starting point for the model. You may be able to just replace the damaged cab on your model.


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Yeah, no GP40-2L/LW other then Overland.

To make it, is quite simple, just buy the Wide cab from Kaslo shops (They'll run your around $30 MAX), and they've included instructions for how to install it. I think it requires trimming of the body with a saw, but I don't own one so.

Rail Flyer Model Prototypes will be introducing one soon too, and, if you're really into jumping deep now, they've got everything you'll need to make it right.

Here's the Kaslo site.

I'm not seeing the GP40-2/SD40-2 cab, but I could swear they had one.


"Give it a big ol' kick"
Wow, thanks for all the info! That should keep me busy for awhile.

The unit I purchased on ebay just might be one of these "kit bashers". The cab has alot of putty lookin crap.

I like the idea of grabbin a gp40-2 and takin a stab at it myself. The one I bought is in too tough of shape to repair (basically I bought a piece of plastic for 80 bucks...)

thanks again!


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nope. I could not care less. Just money, right? Nah, complaining won't fix anything. It will just hurt some feelings and waste time. Sure I could get a refund but I have got plenty of cash. Life goes on.


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Thats the sign of a great man there, *pats you on the back*. Can't wait to see how your kitbash turns out!


"Give it a big ol' kick"
I took a glance at the rail flyer model site and I am quite impressed with their cab. Interested in trying it but I am such a perfectionist I am a bit nervous. I see the steps that are identical to the HLCXs and i think to myself, "heck yah! throw those in the shoppin cart" followed by, "what the heck?? change the steps?? oo boy) So we will see what happens. How deep I dive. LOL, the funny part is one I get it lookin great with the fresh paint and all, I'd like to dirty it up and make it weathered to match even more... I am probably biting of way more than I can chew! lol


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It always seems daunting at first, but once you get working, and if you work slow & steady (I.E. don't rush ANYTHING) then you should make it through just fine.

If you've got a few dollars, buy some very necessary tools. I've got the following (though there might be others, anyone want to chime in?).

*-Xacto with a #11 (I have about 12 #11 blades spare too)
*-Xacto with a chisel blade
-Old Testors hobby knife (Works good for putty, you can get putty spatulas too)
-Jewelers screw drivers
*-Hobby files, I got a cool 5 pack from Home Depot for $12, make by Nicholson
*-Emery Board sanding sticks, kind like those things women use for their nails. My LHS carries them for $.75 a piece, in 4 grits.
*-Xacto saw, I exchange mine with the chisel blade, so I can use the big red handle with the chisel too.
-Dremel if you're into doing it that way, just be VERY careful no to take to much off!
-Pin Vise, I drill a majority of my holes this way, as using the Dremel, I could go off course. I mark the holes with the Xacto knife, creating a good starter hole.
-Pen & Pencil
*-Miniature calipers, or miniature slide ruler. I have the later though I want to get calipers
-Scale Ruler (I have one I printed though I don't know how accurate it is, a Metric (MM) ruler would work fine for HO, as 1'-3.5MM there.
-Testors clear parts cement (or competing brands, I like the tip on the Testors bottle).
-Plastic cement (I usually have 4 different kinds, I like the Testors tubes both Blue & red, and the Testors black triangle bottle (fine tip) and I've got the cement pen on hand too).
*-CA (Cyanoacrylate Adhesive, AKA Super Glue), I've got both 2-5 second gap filling, and 10-25 second "extra thick". I use BSI Adhesives, partly because thats what all my LHS's carry.
-Silver & Black Elmers paint pens found at Wal*Mart in the craft Isle, work WONDERS on windows.
*-Filling putty, I've got Testors, and Squadron white & green.
-Testors Wood & metal cement, the green tube, for wood projects, and attaching metal to wood.

I think thats it...
The necessaries for your project are marked with a star.


"Give it a big ol' kick"
I Looked into the different parts and pieces this weekend and decided to start with an easier one and work my way up. I am going to take a shot at a GP35. Just to get some practice in before I attempt the advanced modeling :D. Where would I find a snow plow for the gp35?

well, I am off to work. Have a great day!


"Give it a big ol' kick"
No photos as of yet. i farted around with a gp35 just to get a taste of this modeling stuff and it is really nothing like the actual unit (pathetic I know). So, for my next trick i am going to try one of the engines that is a lil closer to the Bachmann gp35 to start and use the detail parts to bring it closer. I bought the chooch today so I should be starting the end of this week. For those who are curious I am modeling the HBR 2250 (Omnitrax paint scheme). I am going to try custom decals and see how that works. Should be fun!

Is anyone else modeling omnitrax?
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