N scale Con Cor Aerotrain???

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Anyone here have any experience with the Con Cor Aerotrain?

I have one on order. I am planning to convert it to DCC.

How well do they run and any other insights here?

YES, my AeroTrain arrived. It runs fairly well, with a few issues.The loco is heavy, OK, but the cars are light.There is a wire/plug system connecting ALL the cars and loco.
...1. I think there are like SIX wires in all of them.
...2.. The wires are on the thick/stiff side for their use
........ Finer, more (much) flexible wires would help a lot
........ also reducing the number of wires, except to the loco might help
....3.. A little more weight in the cars, I think would help, especially the tail car.
........The back wheels of the tail car come off the track too easily
....4.. Coupling of the cars is kind'a combination of the wire-harness
,.......and magnets in the diaphragm's, that part looks and work great.

The car behind the loco has the DCC connector and speaker holes. I installed a Digitrax SDN136 sound controller in it. Bottom line...... Looks great, runs OK. but, Like its real counterpart, this train has a few idiosyncrasies.

The preceding is MY personal opinion, based on MY experience with MY AeroTrain. YMMV

.I am glad I did not pay $300-$400 for mine. It's an ole rare train, almost as rare as the original real train, and most AeroTrain sellers are IMO taking advantage (gouging) of the models novelty & scarcity.

Sure does look great in one of my N-scale railroad display cases. (when no venturing out on the mainline.

If'n ya want an American unit train, the ConCor pioneer Zephyr is a far better choice IMO. (Note I have a Kato TGV, a couple Kato Bullet trains, even a German made Zeppelin (yes it has the look of a Zeppelin complete with neat rear propeller that WORKS) train (single unit) that also look GREAT, run better, & more reliably.) Ya asked fur me Tupence, and I responded.
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The real reason I want the Aero Train is because a Museum in green bay Wisconsin has one. I used to go there almost every summer as kid.
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The real reason I want the Aero Train is because a Museum in green bay Wisconsin has one. I used to go there almost every summer as kid.
The Transportation Museum in St. Louis also had one. Unfortunately the last time I saw it, it was languishing on one of the back tracks, not under cover, and rotting more and more each year.


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Add some weight to the rear of the train and it will run pretty well as long as your track work is good. It's still touchy and will derail on the end trucks if there are any bumps or irregularities, and has to be backed up slowly and carefully. Con-Cor messed up on not weighting it properly, but at least in forward motion it can be a good running train if you modify it with the extra weight. It not only keeps the rear trucks on the tracks better, but provides more drag that keeps the whole thing running better. Once I added that, I've had it running without any issues other than backing it through turnouts on occasion.

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