N 70 Ton Ore Car

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New Road Numbers & New Paint Schemes!


Features Include:
-AccuMate® couplers
-Accurate painting and printing
-Free-rolling trucks with brown plastic wheels
-Full rivet detail
Note: All cars will come with AccuMate® couplers

N 70 Ton Ore Car - New Road Numbers

3200 Undecorated $6.50
32014 Canadian National (Box Car Red/White)3430279-542-70 $7.25
32024 Union Pacific (Silver/Red)2644011-535-70 $7.25
32034 Minnesota Smelting (orange/brown)1239-485-74 $7.25
32044 Bessemer & Lake Erie (Brown/White)20337 4-70 $7.25
32054 Burlington Northern (Green/White)959094-5712-70 $7.25
32063 Milwaukee Road (Box Car Red/White)76473 12-70 $7.25
32074 Utah Copper (Brown/White)4265-42 $7.25
32084 Duluth & Two Harbors (Red/White)267 9-68 $7.25
32104 Great Northern (Blue/White)953348-42 $7.25
32114 Erie Mining (Black/White)23144-576-74 $7.25
32124 Chicago & North Western (Box Car Red/White)1135141-58 $7.25
32134 Union Pacific (Box Car Red/White)802411-535-70$7.25
32154 Northern Pacific (Black/White)783237-50 $7.25
32163 Thunder Bay Mining (Brown/Orange)714 5-70$7.25
32174 Great Northern (Green/Red)918437-58 $7.25
32184 Southern Pacific (Box Car Red/White)467510 $7.25
32204 Santa Fe (Box Car Red/White)794136 $7.25
32214 Missabe (Box Car Red/Yellow)328292-52 $7.25
32224 Pennsylvania (Box Car Red/White)15052 $7.25
32234 Soo Line (Black/White)814213-682-79$7.25
32254 Great Northern (Box Car Red/White)941546-52 $7.25
32263 Milwaukee Road (Box Car Red/White)752148-481-53 $7.25
32273 CP Rail (Black/White/Red)377231 10-70 $7.25

N 70 Ton Ore Car - New Paint Schemes
32281 Canadian Pacific (Black/White "Script Herald")3771152-53 $8.50
32282 Canadian Pacific (Black/White "Script Herald")3771222-53 $8.50
32291 Omaha, Lincoln & Beatrice (Red/White)5141943 $8.50
32292 Omaha, Lincoln & Beatrice (Red/White)5501943 $8.50

Estimated Delivery: October 2004
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This is a press release from Atlas, (dated 2004, BTW).

We don't sell model trains, check your local hobby shop or ebay.


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There is an area on the site where members can post their ebay listings, but other than that, we don't sell stuff here. But it's a great place to talk model trains!


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Thanks for the help, was on e-bay for days looking, all cars are decorated, more expensive, and all different roads, BUT a few minutes ago (in between our correspondence), I did find a place that will backorder the exact cars I wanted (Un-decorated) for $6.50, with a down payment. They said they don't keep un-decorated items in stock because there is no call for them? I want to make my own mining company and put a name on them so undecorated is preferred. All is good once again, sorry to have taken up so much space on your forum.

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