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The past few days I have been working on cleaning up my main room in the front of the house to convert the room into what I now call my train room.
In the room I have a shelf where I put most of my engines, but there are quite a few more put away in a drawer on the other side of the room that need to be put out on display. I'll add photos here as I put more trains out in display and organize them better. I also have three sets of train tracks set up in the same room, along with my Hot Wheels and Matchbox car city which my railroads are set up to run in and around the Hot Wheels and Matchbox car city. I use green grass mats on the tables and play road tape for the roads. I think the road tape looks nice so I'm happy with that. I know the scale of the buildings, cars, and trains do not fully match but it works for me.
It's really just the easiest way for me to make a layout until I get more realistic, Ho Scale model buildings. I still need to pick up more grass terrain mats since I don't have enough to fully cover the tables. My layout may not be the prettiest and it may not be realistic or life-like, but it's a work in progress and maybe someday it'll get there. I'm very limited when it comes to space to work for the time being. There is another room in the house that I can build a bigger and better layout in. But it is currently being used as a storage room for all my old toys and other random stuff. Most of which need to be put in the attic before I can even begin to build my dream layout. But in the bright side I'm pretty happy with what I have done so far. Anyway here's a few photos of what the room looks now. This is not my entire collection, several things are not on display yet, for example my wooden train collection for example is stored away for now.


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