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Hello to all my fellow model railroaders. I wanted to take a minute and show off my first layout. This is my second attempt at it. I tore my first attempt down after I was about 75% complete so I could add more switching options. My layout is a 4x8 and is in HO scale. It is set in the modern era. I know some of the cars are not exactly modern (still working on that). I used Bachmann E-Z track and running on DC. I hope you all like it.

PS: Quick question: The decals I put on my buildings seem to dry out and fall off. Anyone have a tip on how to stop that?


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Very nicely done -- Do you have a track plan that you could show us?
Looks like quite a RR for a 4x8?


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Welcome to the group, Dusty. This is a great looking layout. Great use of space. Look forward to seeing more as it progresses.


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First of all, welcome to the forum Dusty. Regarding the decals, they don't stick to bare plastic at all. You need to apply a spray coat of either dull or gloss coat to the plastic first. Then apply decal. Use a decal setting solution also. After they have had a chance to dry, I apply a good coat of Testor's dull coat over them.

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The decals I put on my buildings seem to dry out and fall off. Anyone have a tip on how to stop that?
As a prior poster noted, decals are made to adhere to paint not plastic. They work best on glossy paint. This is why many model railroaders will paint a structure, spray the area where the decal is to go with glossy clear, apply the decal, and then spray with dull clear. That does two things. It gives the decal a nice smooth surface to meld into. Then it coveres it to prevent it from being scratched off easily.


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Welcome Dusty and as others have noted - your layout is looking great, especially as it is only your second attempt. Also, as others have noted, don't worry too much about getting everything exact for the era you are modelling, there are a lot of "old" cars, engines and rolling stock still in use today, some where in the US and the World ;)


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Just wanted to post a few updates. I have recently added some signage to my layout. Some I found on here while others I created using Word. I also added some cheap lighting to my buildings. These are all battery operated and cheap. I think I spent a total of $10 on them all.


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Welcome to the forum Welcome.gif For the limited space that you have available, you've done a really nice job. Well done. Thumb up.gif

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Looks real good, Dusty. If i may, I would like to suggest that you see if you can find a place to add a turnout somewhere on the mainline to become a connection to the rest of the world. It does not need to go to another layout, but just having that interchange turnout on my layouts helps make my small space roundy roundy layouts more enjoyable.

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