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HO train man

Live to train around
laugh all you want- i was a newb when i first started


new design for next layout


KEY: sky blue line is road. red squares are buildings. green area is mountain. black is track.

sorry about pic being so small- will resize later
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laugh all you want- i was a newb when i first started
Hi HO train man, and welcome to our forums and we're glad to see you're posting. There won't be any laughing at anyones honest efforts to do modeling, after all, each of us had to start from basics at one time and to acquire knowledge and skill from there. I was just wondering if you could have posted a larger size photo. I downloaded it and enlarged it by 3X (blurred it a bit) but from what I can make out it looks like pretty good layout to me.
Cheers Willis


Hey, it looks like a great first layout. And if the trains stay on the track it's much better than my first one! :eek:


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I'm hoping you have allot of space, whats drawn won't fit in a 4x8, or even 6'x 10' for that matter!


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That looks like a very interesting plan, but I'm with Josh - you'll probably need to string at least two 4x8's together to get the necessary real estate.

A few questions:
1) Are to planning to run any long cars/locos on the layout? [this would require broader-radius curves]
2) Would you be able to build against the walls of the [planned] trainroom, like a shelf-style layout? That could make it easier to fit the wider-radius curves I referred to in Question #1...

Anyways, I wish you luck!:)
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HO train man

Live to train around
ok- I have found some more pictures and a larger pic of the town.


Shell Oil Facility



building of bridge- another pic of construction
Welcome to the forum. Dont think anyone laughs here or not that I have seen. Lots of helpful comments toward my posts and constructive criticism which is good.

That said, I would suggest you try a track plan from a book for your next attempt it will save you alot of trouble.

I would recommend Nickel Silver and also code 100 flex track where possible. But that is just my opinion. It is durable and easy to work with and has less connections.

Remember its your deal and you can do your thing. Lots of us are glad to chime in.

And your layout looks about like my first one.

Good luck and remember to have fun.

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